Sunday, November 29, 2015

I need a spanking!

Wow, I have not been keeping up with this blog very well. Maybe I need to be punished? Or, more likely, I just need to get off my lazy ass once in awhile and get in here and write something.

I have been very busy with other life matters and my writing has taken a back seat. I find that I can only occasionally steal enough time to sit down and write seriously. That is difficult for me. I often have to go back, when I do get a chance to sit down and write, and read what I had previously written so that I can get back in the flow. There's just too much time between those opportunities, and I tend to forget the feel of the story. Of course this means I spend much of my writing time re-reading my previous work. This is not a very productive scenario.

With that being said, I have finally managed to finish a sissy novelette. It is titled A Sissy Diary and I am quite pleased with it. This tells the back story of Scott, AKA Sallyann, leading up to A Sissy Story. We see how his wife, Carly, finds out that Scott has these feminine and submissive desires, and how they find a way to move forward in their marriage after these revelations. I hope that you readers will enjoy it. I think it's a very hot and sexy story; I also hope that it may cause the reader to think about gender and how gender does not always match sex. Who we feel we are doesn't always jive with what's between our legs.

I'll be sure to get back here and post a link for the novelette once it's published

I got a wonderful five star review for Passion Undiminished on Amazon, I'll copy it below:

By Private sub on September 26, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This story truly explained my submissive self to me. Thank you and I look forward to reading the entire diminished series. 
I was thrilled to read this review. I truly hope that my books can do more than just make the reader hard or wet, though that is certainly something I want as well. I also hope that my books can reach out to readers, to make them think, to help them understand themselves. I hope that my books can help people to understand different sexual and gender choices and that these choices are okay. 

Anyhow Private sub, whoever you are, you made my month. Thank you for the terrific review!