Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Review: The Offer by Melissa Charm

Okay, I've been reviewing Futa stories for the past couple of weeks, so this week I'm going to change it up a bit with a review of The Offer by Melissa Charm.

Shaun's rating:

Samantha and Mark were a happily married couple, though like many young couples they were struggling monetarily when Samantha's employer made her an incredible offer. Samantha is offered a quarter of a million pounds to cuckold Mark. She and Mark struggle with the decision but eventually decide it's an offer they can't refuse, however the consequences may be more than they can handle.

This is a well written story with great character development and it manages to convey the emotions experienced by Samantha and Mark very well considering how short it is. The author does a great job engaging the reader and showing rather than telling Samantha and Mark's story. This is not really a cuckolding story, it's more of a cheating spouse story, but it's very well done with a good plot.

There are plenty of steamy erotic scenes, all of which are very well described.

I'm giving The Offer four out five paddles, I definitely recommend this work and look forward to more by this author.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Amazon giveaway: Transported: Transgender BDSM Erotica

Here's your chance to win a free Kindle copy of Transported: Transgender BDSM Erotica! Kinkerotic is hosting a sweepstakes through Amazon and giving away two Kindle copies of my latest release. Good luck!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Review: Cuckolded by the Futa Motorcycle Club by Sally Bend

What a treat it was to read the subject of this week's review, Cuckolded by the Futa Motorcycle Club by Sally Bend!

Shaun's rating:

Sally Bend treats us with a glimpse into the adventures of 'sissy princess,' her wife, and the Futa Motorcycle Club in this fast paced, sweet, sexy, and oh so fun story. Sissy princess has long been aware that she was a sissy, even before she meets Carolyn, the woman who will become her wife; but she wasn't truly aware of Futas until the night her would be wife and Goddess sets a little trap for her. Already enamored with Carolyn, sissy princess quickly becomes enamored with Futas as well and with serving as a sissy cuckold to the entire club.

I loved the pacing of this story, as well as the lighthearted fun and acceptance of sissy princess' antics. The character development, descriptions, and the plot were all fantastic. There's plenty  of hot, sweet, sexiness throughout the story all of which is fantastically described.

I'm giving Cuckolded by the Futa Motorcycle Club five out of five paddles. This mix of futa and sissy erotica is an incredibly fun and sexy read.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Review: Futa Explosion: Four Hot Futa Stories

This was so much fun to read, such terrific stories, here are my thoughts on Futa Explosion: Four Hot Futa Stories by Sally Bend, Lyka Bloom, Solar Harris, and Reed James. By the way, the preceding link goes to Amazon where the book is currently priced at $0.99 but you can find it free on Smashwords.

Shaun's rating:

This is another collaboration (as was Lipstick For Her Leather) of The Three F Network. This time four authors bring us a collection of fun and sizzling Futa stories.

The first story is by Solar Harris in which we meet Nora who has been having less than optimal experiences dating guys recently. Nora's roommate sets her up with a girl who, it turns out, has a surprise or two in store. This is a fun story, I especially liked the scene when two guys try to pick up Nora and her date and are shot down in grand fashion. the erotic scenes that follow are steamy.

Reed James wrote the second story, The Succubus Cafe. Here we meet Nicole who has just been busted by her stepmother for having futa porn. Nicole is roundly chastised by her stepmom before heading off to work, however when she arrives at her place of work it's gone, having been replaced by the Succubus Cafe. Nicole gets a drink from the cafe that will change her (and her stepmom's) life. This is a fun story that's a bit edgy and taboo; it's also sizzling hot.

A Queer Sort of Queen by Sally Bend is the third story in the collection. Here we meet Brandi, the sissy who serves the Futa Queen. The first lady of another country is visiting the Queen and Brandi is called upon to entertain and to provide the first lady with a little something special to take back for her husband. Fun, sweet, and hot I really enjoyed this story.

Finally there is Gimme an F! by Lyka Bloom. Shelby is a somewhat reluctant cheerleader, fairly new to the squad, when something begins happening to her team members after the squad adviser, Miss Fischer returns from a retreat. This was another fun and sexy story that I greatly enjoyed.

This is a terrific collection that I highly recommend, five out of five paddles!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Transported: Transgender BDSM Erotic

Just Released- Transported: Transgender BDSM Erotica now available on Amazon!

This collection of four erotic stories by Author Shaun Putaine takes the reader on a journey into the world of BDSM, but there’s a twist added; each story features a transgendered character.

In the first story, ‘Legs,’ the reader meets Adara the sexy male to female Dominatrix who has a bit of play time with her collared slave.

Next, the reader meets Cal and Sahara in ‘The Pick Up.’ Cal picks up Sahara from a bar and takes her back to his place for a bit of fun; however, Cal has more surprises for Sahara than just the flogger he pulls out of the closet.

In the third story, ‘Suite Reunion,’ the reader is introduced to Tam Stevens. Tam joins her wife, Pamela, who has been vacationing with her lover at the luxurious Empire Hotel. Their reunion involves more than hugs and kisses as Pamela feels the need to take Tam in hand.

Finally, the reader meets Danni, who is beginning her first day as a maid in an opulent mansion. The staff at this mansion does more than just cook and clean, they are expected to perform ‘special duties’ as well. Danni might be just what Ms Carlise has been searching for in a Lady’s maid; a girl with a little something extra.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Review: The Wall Street Domme by S.L. Hendrickson

This week I'll be giving you my thoughts on The Wall Street Domme by S.L. Hendrickson.

Shaun's rating:

Marilyn is a Wall Street wonder woman who seems to have it all; money, power, prestige, but there's still something missing. She finds what has been missing when she experiences the first truly satisfying sexual encounter of her life. She begins exploring her sexuality more deeply whereupon she discovers that she likes being in charge sexually. Marilyn meets a professional dominatrix who needs someone to take over her client base, she also meets Leslie who just may turn out to be the love of her life. This story takes the reader on a journey from Wall Street to a dungeon in the sexual underbelly of the city.

I liked this story a lot. It has an interesting plot and for the most part was very well done by the author. The character development was quite good and the scenes were well described. There was plenty of steamy action dispersed throughout the story and that was well written and described as well. Some of the dialogue did not feel quite natural to me, and while I enjoyed the story I never felt truly immersed. Still, it's a very good book, just not quite up to five paddle status in my mind.

I definitely recommend this for femdom fiction fans, there's a good story that makes for pleasurable reading and plenty of hot kinky action. I'm giving the Wall Street Domme four out of five paddles.