Friday, December 26, 2014

A Sissy Story has been published!

Well, after many starts and stops I have finally published my short story; A Sissy Story.

It's now available on Amazon and Smashwords. It should be available soon on Ibooks and at other ebook retailers.

I hope you will enjoy it. I'd love to hear feedback on this story and of course a positive review at your retailer of choice would be greatly appreciated.

Click on the cover of the book to be taken to page where you can purchase a copy or go to Smashwords.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Two Worlds

There has been so much on my mind lately that I haven't been able to decide what to write about first here. I've been involved in some interesting discussions, listened to some Podcasts that made me think and want to write about my thoughts, and I've been wanting to write a bit about my crazy life. Actually tonight I think I'm going to write a little about some gender issues I've been experiencing and struggling with.

Being gender fluid I sometimes feel like I live in two worlds. It's especially hard for my feminine side. I really wish I had more opportunities to let my inner girl out. I'm not very passable, for various reasons. Standing over six feet tall and weighing over two hundred pounds doesn't help. Sometimes though my girl is kicking and screaming to get out. 

I have no problem expressing my male side, that's easy, but the girl inside me feels so trapped and alone sometimes. I have a few people I can talk with about these feelings, and that helps. Still though, it's hard to not be able to dress and act the way I wish. 

Sometimes I wish that I didn't have these desires. I know that no one's life is simple, still it seems that having just one gender would be so much easier. To complicate things it seems like I can feel more one gender than another at the most random times, and I have very little control over these feelings. 

Take today for example: this morning I was feeling very feminine. I so wanted to get my girl on and let her out to play and enjoy the day, but of course I had to go to work and so my girl had to stay hidden away inside. Tonight I could girl up if I wished, but I just don't really feel very girly. It's so frustrating when these things happen. 

I don't think I can really describe this to someone who has not experienced it. This morning, wanting to girl up and not being able to, I felt so conflicted and rather sad. At times it can be quite depressing. 

I've been dealing with this my whole life, and have yet to master these feelings or really to even find a comfortable way to live with them. The only thing I have found to do is to push through. I know that I will have my moments when I'm feeling my girl and can let her out.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Writing again!

I'm happy to say that I've begun writing again. I had, over the last few months, done almost no writing. I've had a difficult time getting motivated, and when I would try to sit down and write it was a struggle. The words and story just refused to flow. I had started another book in the Undiminished series, but I just couldn't seem to get anywhere with it.

The story I'm working on now is quite different from the Undiminished stories. This one will be about a sissy. I'm not usually into the 'sissy' thing, or hadn't been before, but this story is just flowing from me.  Perhaps change is afoot.

This all started after the lady, that my Mistress is in service to, told me she wishes to dress me up in a pinafore and Mary Janes. A few nights later I had a very erotic 'sissy' dream which is serving as the basis of the story I'm writing. 

Here's a little taste. I hope you enjoy it. 

A Sissy Story
by Shaun Putaine

"There's our girl. Come here and sit on Uncle Cliff's lap, sweetie." Cliff was seated at the kitchen table, a plate with two cookies and a steaming cup of coffee in front of him.

I glanced at Lois, receiving a stern look from her green eyes, and made my way across the kitchen to 'Uncle' Cliff.

Even sitting down, Cliff looked huge. He stood eight inches taller than my five feet seven inches, and must have weighed at least eighty pounds more than my one hundred sixty. His huge hand reached out toward me, the muscles of his arm bulging and stretching the sleeve of his T-shirt. He was ruggedly handsome with steel blue eyes, and a nose slightly crooked from being broken during a collegiate wrestling match and set by himself in the locker room. His close cropped brown hair was thinning a bit on top. His lips were curved up in a lascivious smile at the moment.

"Yes, Uncle Cliff," I said, settling onto his lap. I could feel his hard cock pressing through his jeans, and my panties, against my bottom.

"I see you found dolly," Lois said, setting a plate of cookies and glass of milk in front of me. "She's missed you."

"Yes, Auntie Lois," I replied, squirming as Cliff's hand began to slide along my smooth thigh and up under my skirt. Uncomfortably, I dipped a cookie into the milk and took a bite.

"I have to go do some grocery shopping this afternoon, SallyAnn. You're going to stay here with Uncle Cliff."

"But Auntie, Uncle Cliff will want to do naughties..." I began.

Lois cut me off. "Well you just need to keep your skirt down, young lady! Cliff is a man, and men will be boys. It's up to you to be a good girl, and not a Sallyslut!"

"But Auntie..."

"Fine! You can come with me. I'm sure everyone in the grocery store will enjoy seeing such a pretty little girl prancing around in her pink pinafore." Lois glared at me.

My face grew hot as I blushed. "No Auntie Lois. I'm sorry. I'll stay with Uncle Cliff."

"Yes, I thought you would. We will discuss your attitude when I get back, young lady."

Lois picked her car keys up from the counter, gave me a kiss on the forehead and Cliff a kiss on the lips, before going through the door into the garage. A moment later I heard the garage door rattle up, the sound of her car backing out, and the door lowering.

Cliff smiled as he slipped his hand further up my thigh.

 Cliff's left hand began to rub the ruffled front of my petti-panties. With his right hand he began to pinch and role my nipple through the silky material of the pinafore. Unable to help myself, I moaned, and my dick began to stiffen.
"You can't help being a slut, can you sissy?" he whispered and then nibbled on my earlobe. "You want cock, don't you? You need a real man's cock inside you to make you feel more like a girl."  

The full story will be available soon...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Remaining calm

It has been a very busy week for Mistress and I.  It's been a rather difficult week for me in some ways.  Mistress has started a new relationship.  She is with a Femdom couple now; in service to the Mistress, and bottoming to the sub male.  This is a wonderful couple whom we have known for some time, though not well.  Mistress and the couple seem very happy, and hopefully everything will continue to work out well.  I'm happy too, although I had some issues this week.

The issues had nothing to do with jealousy, or envy, instead they had to do with how her sudden schedule changes affected my work week.  I won't go into details, other than to say that Mistress was supposed to be home on Tuesday and didn't actually come home until Friday.  We worked it all out as we went along, and I know had I insisted she come home she would have, but I always try to do what I can to give her what she wants.  The problem was that it put a lot of additional stress on me, after all it meant that I had to take care of the home front by myself while also trying to deal with a very hectic, approximately 60 hour, work week.

I'm rather proud of how I dealt with the stress.  even though I was very angry at times, I never acted disrespectfully toward my Mistress.  I have a temper, a rather bad temper at times.  I try, and usually manage to just be with my anger until I have calmed enough to speak calmly and respectfully to Mistress about what is bothering me.  I do feel that this is important in power exchange relationships, that the submissive remembers their place and remains respectful even when upset.  

I could have asked Mistress for permission to speak freely and, had she granted it, yelled and vented at her.  I'm proud however that I did not do that.  I spoke to her about the situation very calmly last night, and she was receptive to what I had to say.  I know that had I still been upset and ranted about the situation that she would not have been nearly as receptive.

It's really difficult sometimes to put ones needs, feelings, desires, etc. below those of the person you serve.  We submissives are human after all, and this is one of the most difficult things to deal with in a power exchange relationship.  You also have to bring these things that bother you up, and discuss them.  If you just allow them to simmer they will at some point boil over and you'll have a melt down.

It all comes back to communication I suppose, and communication works best when it is honest, open, and calm.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Life gets in the way.

Mistress and I were supposed to be attending a BDSM house party tonight, in fact it will be starting in about thirty minutes from the time I am typing this.  We won't be going.  I was so looking forward to attending.  It's been a long time, I think a couple of months, since Mistress has played with me.  

Well, that's not entirely true, there was the evening she started playing with me and our youngest child came knocking on the bedroom door asking what "that noise" was.  "I'm playing baseball." was Mistress' laughing response.  That was after about ten whacks with Mistress' 'baseball bat', I wasn't even warmed up yet, and that was the end of that session.

I also got a bit of 'funishment' the other night, several strokes of Mistress' new Flatwhacker, which is a wonderful toy by the way. That wasn't really a play session though, just fifteen or twenty whacks to help me remember to close the curtains in the evening.

Unfortunately our childcare fell through for tonight, so we are home instead.  Mistress is currently napping, and I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself.

The thing is, I don't get the opportunity to get out with Mistress much, especially not where we would have the chance to play together.  

Mistress has just begun a new relationship with a couple.  She is bottoming to them.  She just got home this evening from an over-nighter with them, and she was telling me what fun she had, about some of the playful things they'd done, and about some of the service she'd provided.  All that is great, but to be honest I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself.

I guess I shouldn't be feeling sorry for myself.  This is the life I've chosen.  It's the life I want, but it's not always easy.  

Do you know that being a slave is not all spankings, strap-ons, and oral worship?   

Mostly being a slave is work.  A great deal of it is drudgery.  It's things like washing dishes, vacuuming, gardening, making the bed, washing laundry; and most of the time I don't even wear a maid's uniform, have a butt plug in my sissy ass, or a parachute and weights hanging from my balls.  Nope, most of the time it's just work and chores.  

It's exciting when you first begin your power exchange relationship and take over all these chores.  I still recall having an erection while doing dishes, or making the bed, those first few weeks.  As the months roll by though; that changes.

I don't want to give the wrong impression here: you see, I love doing all these things.  Service is my main thing, it's what I love.  I love taking care of my Mistress, our family, and our home.  However, as any housewife can attest, these things can begin to drag on you after a time.  There needs to be some relief mixed in there as well.  There needs to be some recreation, some play time.  All too often though, like tonight, life gets in the way of our kinky play.

Monday, May 19, 2014


I've been quite torn since starting this blog regarding what direction to go with it (this is in large part why I have made so few posts here).  I wondered if I should keep it less personal, perhaps just write about power exchange, female led relationships, cuckolding, gender issues, etc. in a more theoretical way; and not bring my personal life to light here.  I'm still torn, but I have decided to go ahead and bring my personal life into it.  I think I need to do this.  I need a place to write about the good and the bad; the triumphs and the struggles. 

I think I'm going to start by telling you, dear reader, a bit about myself and my relationship.  I'm not going to go into great detail yet.  I'm sure more will come out as time goes on and you will get to know me better.  For now, I'm just going to give some basic information.  What you are about to read may not seem 'basic', but it truly is.  This is who I am at my core.  It is not how my friends, coworkers, or even most of my family know me, but this is who I truly am.

Throughout my life I have always known I was different. 

I've had submissive desires as long as I can remember, certainly as long as I have been sexually aware.  I have always felt most comfortable when the other person is in charge.  I'm just not a leader when it comes to relationships or sex. 

I've also always had a bit of gender dysphoria.  For years I wondered if I had been born inter-sexed and they had decided to make a man out of me (can you hear the song from Mulan playing in the background?).  I never felt completely comfortable in the skin of a 'man', but of course I knew I would not feel comfortable as a woman either.  I am neither a man nor a woman; and yet I am both.  Recently I found the term 'gender fluid' and have chosen that to describe my gender.  I flow back and forth between feeling masculine and feminine, generally I feel a bit of both, neither completely one or the other.

Through the years I was coming of age I always lived around people whom would definitely not have been comfortable with either a submissive (biological) male, or someone who was transgendered.  In fact I strongly believe it would have been very dangerous for me to have exposed these parts of myself.  I learned to hide who I was.  I learned really, really, well to hide who I was.  It brings tears to my eyes, as I write this, remembering the inner struggle that I dealt with, and still deal with, as I hid my true self.  I learned to hide myself so well that I struggle greatly still with exposing my true self even to those who I know will love and accept me as I am, even my Mistress/wife.

So, I'm sure you are wondering, who is this person now?  

Well, first and foremost I am a slave.  That is the most important identity I have for myself.  I am my Mistress' slave.  I have been married to my Mistress for almost thirteen years.  I have been her submissive that entire time, though we started out in what I think of as a D/s lite situation.  Mistress was basically vanilla when we met, I introduced her to the idea of a female led relationship, and it took a while for us to find our way into her truly being in charge.  We have been in a truly Dominant/submissive relationship for probably nine years or so, and progressed into a truly Mistress/slave relationship about three or four years ago.  I'm not a perfect slave, nor is she a perfect Mistress, but she is in charge and I do my best to follow her.

 As well as being a slave, I am also a husband; and a wife.  

I try very hard to be Mistress' husband when that is what she needs, and in most ways I am successful.  Even with my gender issues, I am still very much a man in many ways.  I am her pillar of strength, her shoulder to cry on, the one she can lean on, and the one she can always count on to be there for her.  I protect her.  I would die for her.  I would kill for her.  I am her knight in slightly tarnished armor (after all, no one is perfect as she well knows after thirteen years).

Yes, I am also Mistress' wife.  I am often her girlfriend, her best friend she tells me, someone she can talk to and work through things with.  In some ways we have a reverse 1950s style household.  I do most of the cooking and cleaning, as well as most of the child rearing.  I love making her feel happy and comfortable in her home. I also love that we can share some 'girly' things together.  This is something that I have longed for desperately most of my life.

Mistress and I have what we refer to as a 'one way open relationship'.  I am monogamous to her, but she is free to pursue play, sex, or relationships outside of our marriage.  This makes us both happy.  I'm not really interested in pursuing other relationships.  Hell, in all honesty I don't have the energy for anything ourtside of her, even if I did have the desire. I keep pretty busy working full time and taking care of my family including, of course, my Mistress. 

 Honestly though, I cannot imagine having another romantic relationship.  I am consumed with my love for my Mistress.  Mistress does sometime 'loan' me for play or service to others, which I enjoy immensely, but those are just very temporary scenarios.  I am thankful that I am able to devote myself completely to her.  Mistress on the other hand; well, let's just say she is adventurous and has all kinds of fun!  I'm sure I'll write more about some of Mistress' adventures in the future.

Mistress and I are both kinky.  We enjoy various kinds of BDSM play.  I love when Mistress plays with me, whether it's sensual, pain, or edge play.  I love when she makes me feel good, just as I love when she helps me to suffer for her, even when she beats me until I am bruised and bloody.  There is something special, to me, when I am able to take a beating that breaks my skin and causes me to bleed for my Mistress.

What is my sexual orientation, you ask (I'm sure you're desperate to know)?  Well, that's a bit complicated actually.  I coined the term 'subsexual' to describe myself, though in all honesty that mostly describes my 'male' side.  

When I'm feeling more masculine I'm basically heterosexual, although I would get turned on by doing pretty much anything, to anyone, that my Mistress directed me.  

My female side, on the other hand, is decidedly pansexual.  When I'm feeling girly I find myself very attracted to many females, males, and T-folks.  Yep, when I'm in girl mode I am still extremely attracted to women, I adore other T-girls, I find many F-M transgenders hot, and I desperately want a big strong man to ravish me.  Without a doubt my strongest leanings are to women or T-girls.  I've had some experience with men before having met Mistress.  I liked sucking cock, but I absolutely loved being fucked in my pussy/ass by a 'real' man when I was all 'femmed up'!

So, this is a bit of who I am.  Of course this is not the whole me, not the vanilla me, nor the family me, but then that's not what this Blog is about and, I'm sure, not what you are interested in.  I plan to write more in the near future, about myself, my relationship with Mistress, and our adventures.  

I may lean hard, in my future writings, to the gender issues I experience; not so much because that is what my life is all about, but more because this is somewhere I can express those things.  I really cannot discuss my gender issues, my desire to lick a 'real' man's cum from Mistress' pussy, or my desire to be femmed up and fucked long and hard by a man, around the water cooler with my coworkers or over a beer with my vanilla friends, so this is the place where I will spew such thoughts.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Weekend!

I am just about to leave for a fun filed weekend with my Mistress/wife.  We will be going to a couple of play parties, one femdom party and one BDSM party.  I'm soooo looking forward to this. 

Tonight is the femdom party, I can hardly wait for Mistress to play with me.  We haven't had a lot of play opportunities lately, so I'm guessing that Mistress will want to play hard.  I'll probably be sore and well marked up tomorrow morning.  Mistress crammed practically every toy we own into a huge suitcase, I have no idea what is in store for me tonight.

Tomorrow we will be attending a BDSM house party, this will be Mistress' chance to be played with.  There will be several men and women there who she enjoys bottoming to, as well as a few bottoms she enjoys topping.  I probably won't get played with that night, which is fine as I'm sure I'll still be sore from tonight.

To celebrate my finally getting a weekend away with Mistress I decided to offer both of my Undiminished novelas free for the weekend.  Just click on the link below to be taken to my Amazon Author page where you can find both books.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Shaun's Amazon Author Page

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Passion Undiminished

Here is a taste of my latest novella, Passion Undiminished, now available for kindle on  In this novella we learn how Lisa and Tom met, and began their journey into a female led relationship.

Trembling, I kneel at the feet of my Goddess Lisa. I bend, and reverently kiss the toe of her black leather boot, following that kiss with another and another. I kiss along her foot, her ankle, along her calf, past her knee, finally placing the last kiss at the very top of the boot, at her mid-thigh.
I look up at her beseechingly, begging with my eyes to continue. The lacy tops of her stockings are visible, just inches from my lips, at the top of her boots. The stockings are attached to suspenders that hang, past black panties, from the red corset.

That corset! Bright red, tapering in from her hips to her impossibly tiny waist, and then flaring out again as my eyes travel up, feasting on the vision of her beautiful breasts. Her luscious breasts pressed tightly together, barely contained by the laces that have loosened at the top of that red corset.

My eyes continue up, her shoulders, her elegant neck, that dark brown hair cascading down. Her ruby lips a perfect Cupid's bow. Her eyes, topaz in hazel… I get lost in her eyes.

"Please Mistress?" I whimper.

"Please what, slave?" She whispers, cupping my cheek with her hand.

"Please may I continue kissing up your body?"

"Do you want to kiss my thighs?"

"Please Ma'am," I whine.

"My ass?"

"Oh Goddess, yes!"

"Do you want to kiss my breasts slave?"

"Please, Ma'am!"

"Slave, do you want to kiss my pussy?"

I moan and my cock throbs, my balls ache with desire. "Oh Mistress Lisa, please, I beg you, please let me kiss your pussy!"

She slaps my face hard, causing my eyes to water. "Do you think you deserve to kiss my pussy, slave?"

"No Ma'am, I know I don't."

"That's right, touching Mistress' pussy is a privilege that must be earned. Would you like to try to earn that privilege?"

"Yes Goddess, please!" I beg

She walks away then, into a dark corner of the dungeon. I can hear her, but she is lost from my sight. Now she's coming back, emerging from the darkness. She grabs my left nipple, twisting and pulling it brutally she attaches a shiny metal clamp to it. There is a chain attached to this clamp, and at the end of the chain, the clamps twin. Grabbing my right nipple she tugs, and twists, and attaches that clamp. The pain is sharp at first, almost more than I can bear, but then it slows and becomes a throbbing ache.

Grabbing my hair she pulls my head back and whispers in my ear, "You must suffer if you wish to touch my pussy slave. You know Mistress feeds off your pain. You want to suffer for me don't you? You want to prove your devotion to your Goddess?"

"Oh yes Goddess, please! Please help me suffer for you!"

Still holding my hair she half drags me across the rough wooden floor as I crawl, frantically trying to keep up. She attaches cuffs to my wrists and then attaches a chain, which dangles from the ceiling, to those cuffs. She walks to the wall and pushes a button. With a grinding clatter the chain begins to rise up toward the ceiling, lifting me with it, until only my toes are touching the floor.

I desperately try to support some of my weight on my toes. My shoulders feel like they are being pulled from their sockets. My body is stretched, suspended there for her sadistic use.

Mistress walks behind me now, out of my line of sight. Again I can hear, but not see her. She had walked away, but is back now, right behind me, if I close my eyes I think I can hear her breathing. And then, suddenly, bright lights, red, white, and orange burst in front of my eyes. I scream as pain explodes across my ass! Again, and again and again the pain explodes across my ass; my shoulders; my thighs!

Now Mistress Lisa is kissing me, her tongue pressing between my lips, taking me. She draws back and I look into her eyes, the topaz is on fire, the hazel like ice.

She holds the leather strap she has been beating me with to my lips, and I kiss it gratefully.

"Thank you, Mistress," I whisper.

Her eyes boring into mine, she doesn't say a word. She reaches out, grabs the chain attached to the nipple clamps, and jerks hard. The clamps fly from my nipples, and colors of pain burst before my eyes once more as the blood rushes back into the tissue it was denied.

Mistress disappears again, just for a moment, and when she returns she is holding a long slender cane. She stands to my side, her left hand rests on my back behind my right shoulder. I see her right arm draw the cane back, and then it flashes forward. It strikes perfectly across my chest, across both nipples. I scream and Mistress laughs. Once more she draws the cane back, and then it bites!

"Please, Mistress!" I scream through a haze, as I see her drawing the cane back once again.

"Suffer for me, slave!" She growls. "Feed Mistress with your pain!"

I begin to cry. "Yes please, Mistress, hurt me again. Help me to suffer for you!" I sob.

And she strikes again, and again, and again.

I feel myself collapsing into the floor, Mistress is not beside me; the chain is lowering. Now she is here, removing the cuffs from my wrists, she strokes my forehead, and whispers, "Good boy."

She lays me on my back, the rough planks of the floor digging into my shoulders and butt. Standing over me, she removes her panties, revealing her perfect ass. She straddles my head, and lowers her sacred pussy toward my lips, it's so beautiful. A tuft of dark brown hair above, the lips pink and purple below, moisture shines between those lips. Slowly she lowers herself, closer. I can almost reach her now.

"Just one kiss, slave," my Mistress whispers.

Wet stickiness splashes onto my stomach and chest, my cock throbs in my hands, and my eyes open. I'm in my bed. Oh God, it was all a dream. Pale light from the window bathes the foot of the bed; the sun is just coming up. I sit up and grabbing some tissues wipe myself off before heading into the bathroom and a shower.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Submissive or bottom?

Question Mark Clip Art
This is a question that I wish more men (and women for that matter but I am using males as the example here as the core of this post was written for a FLR website), who identify as submissive, would ask themselves and consider honestly:  Am I truly a submissive, or am I a bottom?

One is not better than the other, but it is important that we correctly represent who and what we are when we are interacting with others in the BDSM world.

The following are my definitions for bottom and submissive, your definition may vary, but for purposes of this discussion I am sticking with these:

A bottom is someone who enjoys receiving an action in a scene, or for a short period of time.  Bottoming is usually (always?) sexually driven, even though there may not be sex involved.  For example a bottom may enjoy a spanking, they will eroticize it, it will be sexual for them even though they may not have any other contact with the 'Top' who is giving them the spanking.  The bottom may enjoy 'submitting' during a scene but after that scene or play is done they do not wish to be under another's control.

A submissive is someone who actually wishes to give some degree of control and authority over their life (or at least certain parts of their life) to another person.  They may enjoy bottoming in a scene as well, but they will want to be controlled even in the nonsexual and non-play parts of their life.

A problem I see is that there are a lot of men who are actually bottoms believing themselves to be, and presenting themsleves as, submissives. It is especailly prevalent with online 'subs', but you find it with in person people as well.

These guys will contact a woman, tell her they wish to submit to and serve her, but at some point when the sexual excitement starts to wear off (such as when he has cum) he loses his desire to submit or he disappears altogether.  

This can be very frustrating for the woman, because the guy was representing himself as something he's not.  If he would just realize that he's a bottom, and present himself that way, there are women out there who would be happy to play or scene with him; and then everyone would have their expectations met.

Anyway, this is kind of a pet peeve of mine.  I wish men would do a bit more introspection and be honest with themselves and others about who and what they are.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a bottom, but when a bottom identifies and represents themself as a submissive it makes things more difficult for the women who are seeking an actual submissive and for the true submissives since the women become so jaded from dealing with all this confusion.

Love Undiminished

My first novella, Love Undiminished, available at Amazon.

A scintillatingly erotic story of dominance, submission, and cuckoldry.

Tom and Lisa love their life, their marriage, and each other. They have found happiness with one another, and with Tom’s submission to Lisa. There’s just one thing missing, they both want Lisa to have another man in her life. They find that man in Mike, but as Mike and Lisa’s love grows will Tom still have a place in her heart and in her life? Does loving Mike mean she will love Tom less, or will it be a different kind of love?

This is a story that delves into the many, and sometimes conflicting emotions that a cuckolded man experiences. It provides a glimpse into the heart of Tom as his love, submission, and fear of losing Lisa grow. Tom must find the strength to not only trust Lisa to guard their relationship, but he must deal with his own inner demons as well.

This is what reviewers on Amazon have to say about Love Undiminished:

“What I really, really enjoyed about this book is that it feels real. The characters aren’t just 2 dimensional cutouts who do things to one another. Rather, they are actual human beings involved in a real relationship. The effort the author invests in creating a real, believable setting inhabited by people with complex motivations absolutely pays off. If you enjoy erotica which delves into the emotions and personalities driving the action, then this piece is for you! It’s also worth noting that the author actually lives a kink lifestyle, so this is the real deal. Highly recommended and looking forward to more.”- Light Scribe

“I have often wondered about the thought processes and the feelings of a submissive person, and with this short novella, I was able to get a glimpse inside the head of a submissive cuckold man. I still don’t understand where it comes from, but I now understand how it makes him feel and why that makes him feel loved. Thankfully, while this was explicit, it was not overly graphic. I am glad I read this, and I am glad I enjoyed it. There is always more to learn.”- Lifelong Learner

Get Love Undiminished now from Amazon