Saturday, July 1, 2017

Review: We Make Our Own Rules by Rob Matthews

There are a few erotica authors whom I try to keep a close eye on. I wait eagerly for their next work to come out because I know it is going to be outstanding. One of those authors is Rob Matthews and this week I'll be giving you my thoughts on his latest book in the Cuckold Odyssey series- We Make Our Own Rules.

Shaun's rating:

This is the continuing story of Rob and Tina, a married couple who have been practicing cuckoldry for some time. As Tina's relationship with Adam, the man she had begun a relationship with in Book two of the series, becomes more serious Rob finds it all becoming a bit more than he is comfortable with. Rob was fine with Tina having a lover, but not with her actually being in love with another man. Also added into the mix is a bit of power exchange as Tina and Adam begin dominating Rob a bit both in and out of the bedroom; Rob finds himself conflicted about this new element of their relationship. The story goes much deeper and Rob begins to suspect that Adam is the puppet master pulling their strings, but to what end? 

This book works fine as a stand alone piece, but I still recommend that you begin with Book One and read the entire series, they are all excellent and you will have an even better understanding of who the characters are and where they are in their odyssey by beginning with Book One.

One thing I truly love about Mr Matthews books is that not only is he a terrific writer of erotica, he is also a fantastic story teller. When I pick up one of his books I know it's going to be hot and sexy, but what is even better is that I know he is going to tell me a great story. I know he is going to create characters who have depth and complexity; characters that I will care about, love, or even hate. His stories are interesting and entertaining as well as being steamy, and We Make Our Own Rules does not disappoint in any way.

The chemistry between the characters in all the Cuckold Odyssey books is great, but I really thought that this book takes it to the next level. The interactions between Rob, Tina, and Adam are just written so naturally and bring a level of realism to the story that makes it something special. There is a new character introduced in this book, Charlotte, whom I love and I hope will we be getting to know her even better in the future.

As I mentioned above, there is a level of realism to all three books in this series that is really special and that makes these stories hotter than most in this genre. Mr Matthews has a way of conveying the cuckold's emotional experience through his writing that allows the reader to almost be a part of the experience. I think that this line from We Make Our Own Rules is an excellent example of this:

"I was angry, hurt, and turned on. Life as a cuckold had taught me that it was perfectly possible to be all three at the same time."

I just love that because it is true, that is the experience and perhaps even the essence of being a cuckold, and Mr Matthews captures those feelings and experiences so well with his writing.

I'm giving We Make Our Own Rules five out of five paddles. I highly recommend this book to cuckold/hotwife fans as well as those fans of bdsm/femdom erotica.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Audiobook review: Bangkok Noir by Lisabet Sarai

I love thrillers, I also love erotica, and this week I had the opportunity to listen to an audiobook that delivered wonderfully on both counts. The book is Bangkok Noir by Lisabet Sarai, narrated by Jazmin Kensington.

Shaun's rating:

Set in the red light district of Bangkok, this story is told from the perspective of the owner of, and one of the girls who work at, the only S&M bar in the city. Someone has begun gruesomely murdering girls who work in the district and all of the murders have some sort of bdsm connection. The police lieutenant who is leading the investigation has hidden bdsm desires of his own, and begins a relationship with Dianna, the owner of the club. At the same time Nok, the girl who works in the bar, begins a relationship with Sam, an American who seems to have dark secrets of his own.

This is one of those stories that stands out from the rest. A thrilling plot, compelling and very well developed characters, a fascinating setting, and outstanding narration that brings the characters to life all combine to make this a book that I didn't want to leave for a second from start to finish. Really, my only complaint about this book is that it leaves us with a cliff-hanger and I really want to know the rest of the story.

I'm giving Bangkok Noir five out of five paddles, I highly recommend this book.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Review: A Midlife Makeover by Sally Bend

This week I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on A Midlife Makeover by Sally Bend the subtitle of this book is A tale of sissy submission and transsexual domination which quite aptly sums it up.

Shaun's rating:

This is the story of Candace, a middle aged cross-dresser who managed to make it through his/her own midlife crisis relatively unscathed but his wife's midlife crisis is a disaster. Candace and his wife end up getting divorced and Candace decides it's time to use her new found freedom to get back in touch with her sissy side. That means getting back in touch with Sharon, a transsexual goddess she had known in the past. This book tells the story of their reunion and of Candace's submission to Sharon.

There's a good story here and it is loaded with down and dirty hot erotic content. This is one of those books that you will want to add to the spank bank if you're into sissy and/or transsexual bdsm erotica. The author does a wonderful job with her descriptions of the action, the reader is most definitely shown as the story unfolds. 

So... the reason why I am giving this four and not five paddles in my review is that there's almost too much sex. I know, I can't believe I just said that either. It's just that even though the author does delve somewhat into Candace's emotional experience, I would have liked to go deeper into that.

There were a few glitches that slipped through the editing process with this book, but nothing major and nothing to cause me any problems with my reading flow.

I highly recommend this book for fans of sissy/feminization and transgender bdsm erotica, it's a keeper. I'm giving A Midlife Makeover four out of five paddles.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Review: Eight Days in Japan as a Girl by Zoe S. Figueroa

I'm a fan of Zoe S. Figueroa's work and I have wanted for ages to read Eight Days in Japan as a girl: A Gender Transformation Travelogue but just never seemed to find the time; until this past week. 

Shaun's rating:

Shahin and his girlfriend Melissa are taking a vacation to Japan. Melissa has a surprise for Shahin shortly after they arrive: Shahin had always fantasized of being a girl. An old college friend of Melissa's works for a company that has developed a drug which, working at the cellular level, can transform a person's gender. Melissa arranges for Shahin to take this drug and experience their vacation as a girl.

This is a really wonderfully told story. I love the detail of Shahin's experience as she experiences so many new things. The gender transformation part of the story is very well done, there are plenty of erotic scenes which are also very well done, and the descriptions of Japan and the sites the two visit are fascinating. Having all this combined into one very well told story is really a treat.

I'm giving Eight Days in Japan as a Girl five out of five paddles, I highly recommend this book.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lipstick For Her Leather now on Amazon!

Lipstick For Her Leather: An Anthology of Transgender Femdom Erotica is now available for Kindle on Amazon!  Get your free copy now and get a taste of what some of the best writers are offering. Also, please consider leaving a review, I can promise you it will be greatly appreciated!

If you would prefer a pdf copy you can download it free from Wordwooze Publishing.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Review: Lipstick For Her Leather: An Anthology of Transgender Femdom Erotica

Becoming an author has been such a wonderful experience, it's something I wanted to do from a very early age. I have had some really great experiences as an author; just publishing my first book was awesome, receiving my first review was amazing, having audio editions of my books published by Wordwooze was incredible. Now I have had another wonderful experience; one of my stories has been included in an anthology along with some of the transgender erotica authors whom I most enjoy and admire. I feel privileged to have my work included alongside these works by other authors whom I think are so fantastic. Not only are the stories in this book great but the book is being offered for free so that readers can get a taste of each Author's work and style. The authors include Sally Bend, Lyka Bloom, Jim Lyon, Kella Z. Driel, Jessie Ash, Kylie Gable, Claudia Acosta and myself. The book is called Lipstick For Her Leather: An Anthology of Transgender Femdom Erotica 

Shaun's rating:

There is a wonderful variety to the stories in this book, if you like femdom, feminization, and/or transgender erotica there will surely be something in these stories that will appeal to you. All the stories are well written, well edited, and hot. I was pleased to find that every story in this anthology is truly some of the best writing that I have had the pleasure of reading in this genre: The scenes are intriguing and well described, the character development by each author is amazing for such short stories, and the action... well the action is just steamy.

I hope that you will download a free copy of this book and that you will enjoy it. Included along with the stories are a brief bio of each author, links to some of their other works, and social media links. The book is also listed on Goodreads and should be available on Amazon soon, it would be great (and greatly appreciated) if readers would leave an honest review on those sites.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Review: Smutpunk Erotica Collab by Various Authors

I love when Authors put out free anthologies so that you can get a taste of their work without having to dish out hard earned money, it's a great way to find authors you like and allows the reader to be a bit wiser with their purchases. I recently had the pleasure of reading Smutpunk Erotica Collab, an anthology that included a few authors that I was already familiar with and introduced me to some new ones as well.

Shaun's rating:

I'm not going to go into an in-depth review of the stories here, I will say that all the stories are well written and edited, and that there is quite a variety to the stories though all have that Smutpunk feel. You'll find phallogynes, yetis, dinosaurs, and even time travelling cyborgs. It's a fun read that is sexy at times. The best thing is that this book allows the reader to sample Smutpunk, and various authors style. Best of all it's free on Smashwords!

I'm giving this book five out of five paddles, I highly recommend it.