Saturday, August 18, 2018

Audiobook review: Spanked by His Mistress by R. Grecco

This is going to be a short review, which I think is appropriate for a book of short stories, here are my thoughts on Spanked by His Mistress: A Femdom Anthology by R. Grecco.

Shaun's rating:

Spanked by His Mistress is made up of eleven short stories all of which are very well written and make for quite an enjoyable listen as they are brought to life by the narration of Maxx Power. As usual, R. Grecco delivers fun and tittilating, well written stories that flow nicely.

I'm giving Spanked by His Mistress five out of five paddles, if you're a fan of femdom erotica I'm sure you'll enjoy this audiobook.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Review: Learning to Obey by Jocelyn Gray

I'm back and this week I'll be sharing my thoughts on Learning to Obey by Jocelyn Gray.

Shaun's rating:

This book is divided, more or less, in half by two stories.  Both stories are gender swap tales.

The first story is Better This Way. Grant is an overbearing ass of a husband to his sweet wife Darcy. Darcy is getting tired of Grant's domineering ways and a friend of hers provides a solution; magic that will switch Darcy and Grant between their bodies.  

I liked the premise of this story and felt like it had a lot of potential, the problem was the editing is just atrocious. There were so many missteps in the writing and editing that I could never get into the story, I just kept stumbling over mistakes that were grievous enough to pull me out of any chance of involvement with the plot. I really hope the author will come back to this book and edit more carefully.

The editing in the first story was so bad that I almost put the book down, however I decided to push through and I'm very glad I did because the second story, Fair Trade, is a gem.

The protagonist in Fair Trade is a scientist who has invented a machine and process to rewrite human DNA. On the verge of beginning human testing he is in need of more funding; he finds a donor but the donor has a condition that is less than ethical, the donor wants Natalie, the scientist's beautiful and haughty assistant, to be transformed into a sex slave. When the scientist attempts to transform Natalie she turns the tables on him.

Fair Trade was a very good story; it was fun, entertaining, and sexy. The editing was much better in this story, while there were a few mistakes it was quite readable.

I am giving Learning to Obey three and one half paddles, it's worth picking up just for the second story and if you aren't as bothered by bad editing as I am you might enjoy both stories.