Saturday, June 29, 2019

Audiobook review: Memoirs of a Sex Slave by Billierosie

Some authors have a gift of delivering raw eroticism through their stories, this week I'll be reviewing a story by just such an author: Memoirs of a Sex Slave by Billierosie.

Shaun's rating:

I listened to the audio edition of this story which was narrated by SweetlySensual_Sara. The narration was fine, but definitely not outstanding, Sweetly Sensual could possibly be replaced with Slightly Sleepy, I just thought that Sara was not that into it.

The story itself was terrific,. We hear the reminiscences of Elektra who is at a later stage of her life and living in a retirement home; we are given some glimpses into the life she has lead as a submissive woman serving her beloved Master. Billierosie has a wonderful voice and the story flows fluidly, hotly, erotically as Elektra revisits her experiences of love, pain, and degradation; sometimes crossing the border into the taboo.

I highly recommend this story to any BDSM erotica fans who don't mind (or perhaps even desire) a bit of the taboo. I'm giving Memoirs of a Sex Slave five out of five paddles.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Review: Chemical [se]X 2: just one more by various authors

One of the great things about reading an anthology is getting to sample the work of authors you may not be familiar with; and perhaps discovering new authors whose work you enjoy. This week I will be reviewing an anthology containing works by thirteen different authors.: Chemical [se]X 2 by Oleander Plume – Angora Shade – Jayne Renault – Dr. J. – Sally Bend – F. Leonora Solomon – Ria Restrepo – Mischa Eliot – Kristi Hancock – Wednesday Noir – Rachel Woe – Delilah Night – M.J. Spencer.

Shaun's rating:

The common theme of all the stories in this anthology are chocolates that have an aphrodisiac effect, beyond that the stories vary widely: you will find M/M, lesbian, straight, and more in settings from contemporary to fantasy, to mythical. There is something for everyone in these stories. All the stories are well written, they flow nicely, and they are all sultry; this book is a pleasure to read.

I highly recommend Chemical [se]X 2, its a great way to acquaint oneself with thirteen different authors by the purchase of just one book. I'm giving this anthology four out of five paddles.