Saturday, December 16, 2017

Audiobook review: Sissy Rachel Earns Her Collar by Sally Bend

I had a chance this week to listen to a wonderful audiobook, Sissy Rachel Earns Her Collar by Sally Bend narrated by Audrey Lusk.

Shaun's rating:

I'm always pleased when I find a BDSM story that takes me outside of the standard cookie cutter plat and arc; this is one of those stories that surprised me and went beyond my expectations. I love the humanity of the characters: I love how Mistress Scarlet is a caring human being, not a cold heartless bitch, and how there is so much more to her than the reader might at first expect. The same can be said for Robert/Rachel as he/she discovers and sets free her true self with Mistress Scarlet's help.

The narration by Audrey Lusk is outstanding, her rich voice adds greatly to the ambiance and to the sexiness of this story. Her voice makes this story a listening experience.

This story is short but it's also very well written; oh, it's also damn hot. I highly recommend for fans of quality femdom, sissy, and BDSM erotica. I'm giving this story five out of five paddles. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Review: Black And Blue: An Interracial Cuckold Tale by Rob Matthews

I'm always excited when I learn that Rob Matthews is releasing a new book, in my opinion he is absolutely in the top tier of cuckolding fiction authors and I have greatly enjoyed each and every one of his books that I have read. I have to admit though that upon hearing the title of his latest book I felt a bit of trepidation. Mr Matthew's latest release, and the subject of this review is Black And Blue: An Interracial Cuckold Tale.

Shaun's rating:

Interracial cuckolding fiction is generally built upon racist stereotypes and objectification, I am not a fan of such things, thus my trepidation as I began to read this story. Mr Matthews, however, approaches the subject in a way that is different, and much more interesting, than stories I have read previously in this genre. I am not going to get into the details of the story here, I don't want to spoil anything for the reader, but I was quite pleasantly surprised with where the story went, and with how Mr Matthews takes the reader to that destination.

As always, Mr Matthews weaves a terrific story that draws the reader in and keeps them engaged throughout. The character development is outstanding, the description of scenes and action paints a picture for the reader as the story unfolds. This is an erotic tale and the erotic scenes are steamy with fantastic descriptions and details that ramp up the sexiness without being over the top.

I'm giving Black And Blue: An Interracial Cuckold Tale five out of five paddles, I highly recommend this book for cuckolding fiction fans.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Giveaway: Audible copy of Transported: Transgender BDSM Erotica

I recently had a chance to listen to the Audible edition of Transported which was narrated by Jazmin Kensington, it was absolutely fantastic. I was thrilled when I found out Jazmin was narrating Transported, I've listened to several audiobooks that she narrated and have thought she did a fantastic job each and every time. Her voice is just amazing and she adds another awesome level of sexiness to the books she narrates.

 I have enjoyed each of the audiobooks that Wordwooze has published for me, but to be honest each has sounded quite different from the voice I heard as I wrote; this one though, it comes very close to matching how I imagined it should sound. 

Wordwooze has sent me some codes for free Audible copies of the book and I would love to give you one; if you would like a copy please email me at or contact me through any social media and I'll get a code and instructions on its use to you. A review on Audible would be greatly appreciated but is not required.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Audiobook released: Transported: Transgender BDSM Erotica

The audio edition of Transported: Transgender BDSM Erotica has been released by the good folks at Wordwooze Publishing. I'm excited to share this one with you, it's narrated by Jazmin Kensington, one of my favorite audiobook narrators. You can find a copy on Audible, Amazon, or Itunes. I hope you enjoy this audiobook, and please consider leaving an honest review with your retailer. Of course Kindle and Paperback copies are available as well as ebooks from most retailers.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Review: Jizziebelle: Bell of the Burlesque by Kat Crimson

This week I'll be sharing my thoughts on Jizziebelle: Bell of the Burlesque (Harwood's Harlots Burlesque Romance Book 1) by Kat Crimson.

Shaun's rating:

Jocelyn Belle has become a bit of a shut-in. Social anxiety and some personal tragedies have caused her to somewhat withdraw from the world. The erotic stories she writes, and the on-line contacts she has made have become her only real social contacts. Jocelyn knows that she must make changes in her life and she does so in one fantastically impulsive move when she auditions for, and gets, a job as a burlesque dancer. Jocelyn meets Ryan at the club and the chemistry between them is immediate, and the story immediately becomes quite steamy.

This is a very well written story with characters and a plot that I enjoyed greatly. Great descriptive writing that brings the scenes and story to life and pacing that keeps the reader happily turning pages.  The action is steamy, there's a bit of light kink involved as Jocelyn and Ryan explore pegging and some light femdom.

I'm giving Jizziebelle five out of five paddles, I enjoyed this book very much and highly recommend it.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Review: The Offer by Melissa Charm

Okay, I've been reviewing Futa stories for the past couple of weeks, so this week I'm going to change it up a bit with a review of The Offer by Melissa Charm.

Shaun's rating:

Samantha and Mark were a happily married couple, though like many young couples they were struggling monetarily when Samantha's employer made her an incredible offer. Samantha is offered a quarter of a million pounds to cuckold Mark. She and Mark struggle with the decision but eventually decide it's an offer they can't refuse, however the consequences may be more than they can handle.

This is a well written story with great character development and it manages to convey the emotions experienced by Samantha and Mark very well considering how short it is. The author does a great job engaging the reader and showing rather than telling Samantha and Mark's story. This is not really a cuckolding story, it's more of a cheating spouse story, but it's very well done with a good plot.

There are plenty of steamy erotic scenes, all of which are very well described.

I'm giving The Offer four out five paddles, I definitely recommend this work and look forward to more by this author.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Amazon giveaway: Transported: Transgender BDSM Erotica

Here's your chance to win a free Kindle copy of Transported: Transgender BDSM Erotica! Kinkerotic is hosting a sweepstakes through Amazon and giving away two Kindle copies of my latest release. Good luck!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Review: Cuckolded by the Futa Motorcycle Club by Sally Bend

What a treat it was to read the subject of this week's review, Cuckolded by the Futa Motorcycle Club by Sally Bend!

Shaun's rating:

Sally Bend treats us with a glimpse into the adventures of 'sissy princess,' her wife, and the Futa Motorcycle Club in this fast paced, sweet, sexy, and oh so fun story. Sissy princess has long been aware that she was a sissy, even before she meets Carolyn, the woman who will become her wife; but she wasn't truly aware of Futas until the night her would be wife and Goddess sets a little trap for her. Already enamored with Carolyn, sissy princess quickly becomes enamored with Futas as well and with serving as a sissy cuckold to the entire club.

I loved the pacing of this story, as well as the lighthearted fun and acceptance of sissy princess' antics. The character development, descriptions, and the plot were all fantastic. There's plenty  of hot, sweet, sexiness throughout the story all of which is fantastically described.

I'm giving Cuckolded by the Futa Motorcycle Club five out of five paddles. This mix of futa and sissy erotica is an incredibly fun and sexy read.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Review: Futa Explosion: Four Hot Futa Stories

This was so much fun to read, such terrific stories, here are my thoughts on Futa Explosion: Four Hot Futa Stories by Sally Bend, Lyka Bloom, Solar Harris, and Reed James. By the way, the preceding link goes to Amazon where the book is currently priced at $0.99 but you can find it free on Smashwords.

Shaun's rating:

This is another collaboration (as was Lipstick For Her Leather) of The Three F Network. This time four authors bring us a collection of fun and sizzling Futa stories.

The first story is by Solar Harris in which we meet Nora who has been having less than optimal experiences dating guys recently. Nora's roommate sets her up with a girl who, it turns out, has a surprise or two in store. This is a fun story, I especially liked the scene when two guys try to pick up Nora and her date and are shot down in grand fashion. the erotic scenes that follow are steamy.

Reed James wrote the second story, The Succubus Cafe. Here we meet Nicole who has just been busted by her stepmother for having futa porn. Nicole is roundly chastised by her stepmom before heading off to work, however when she arrives at her place of work it's gone, having been replaced by the Succubus Cafe. Nicole gets a drink from the cafe that will change her (and her stepmom's) life. This is a fun story that's a bit edgy and taboo; it's also sizzling hot.

A Queer Sort of Queen by Sally Bend is the third story in the collection. Here we meet Brandi, the sissy who serves the Futa Queen. The first lady of another country is visiting the Queen and Brandi is called upon to entertain and to provide the first lady with a little something special to take back for her husband. Fun, sweet, and hot I really enjoyed this story.

Finally there is Gimme an F! by Lyka Bloom. Shelby is a somewhat reluctant cheerleader, fairly new to the squad, when something begins happening to her team members after the squad adviser, Miss Fischer returns from a retreat. This was another fun and sexy story that I greatly enjoyed.

This is a terrific collection that I highly recommend, five out of five paddles!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Transported: Transgender BDSM Erotic

Just Released- Transported: Transgender BDSM Erotica now available on Amazon!

This collection of four erotic stories by Author Shaun Putaine takes the reader on a journey into the world of BDSM, but there’s a twist added; each story features a transgendered character.

In the first story, ‘Legs,’ the reader meets Adara the sexy male to female Dominatrix who has a bit of play time with her collared slave.

Next, the reader meets Cal and Sahara in ‘The Pick Up.’ Cal picks up Sahara from a bar and takes her back to his place for a bit of fun; however, Cal has more surprises for Sahara than just the flogger he pulls out of the closet.

In the third story, ‘Suite Reunion,’ the reader is introduced to Tam Stevens. Tam joins her wife, Pamela, who has been vacationing with her lover at the luxurious Empire Hotel. Their reunion involves more than hugs and kisses as Pamela feels the need to take Tam in hand.

Finally, the reader meets Danni, who is beginning her first day as a maid in an opulent mansion. The staff at this mansion does more than just cook and clean, they are expected to perform ‘special duties’ as well. Danni might be just what Ms Carlise has been searching for in a Lady’s maid; a girl with a little something extra.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Review: The Wall Street Domme by S.L. Hendrickson

This week I'll be giving you my thoughts on The Wall Street Domme by S.L. Hendrickson.

Shaun's rating:

Marilyn is a Wall Street wonder woman who seems to have it all; money, power, prestige, but there's still something missing. She finds what has been missing when she experiences the first truly satisfying sexual encounter of her life. She begins exploring her sexuality more deeply whereupon she discovers that she likes being in charge sexually. Marilyn meets a professional dominatrix who needs someone to take over her client base, she also meets Leslie who just may turn out to be the love of her life. This story takes the reader on a journey from Wall Street to a dungeon in the sexual underbelly of the city.

I liked this story a lot. It has an interesting plot and for the most part was very well done by the author. The character development was quite good and the scenes were well described. There was plenty of steamy action dispersed throughout the story and that was well written and described as well. Some of the dialogue did not feel quite natural to me, and while I enjoyed the story I never felt truly immersed. Still, it's a very good book, just not quite up to five paddle status in my mind.

I definitely recommend this for femdom fiction fans, there's a good story that makes for pleasurable reading and plenty of hot kinky action. I'm giving the Wall Street Domme four out of five paddles.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Review: We Make Our Own Rules by Rob Matthews

There are a few erotica authors whom I try to keep a close eye on. I wait eagerly for their next work to come out because I know it is going to be outstanding. One of those authors is Rob Matthews and this week I'll be giving you my thoughts on his latest book in the Cuckold Odyssey series- We Make Our Own Rules.

Shaun's rating:

This is the continuing story of Rob and Tina, a married couple who have been practicing cuckoldry for some time. As Tina's relationship with Adam, the man she had begun a relationship with in Book two of the series, becomes more serious Rob finds it all becoming a bit more than he is comfortable with. Rob was fine with Tina having a lover, but not with her actually being in love with another man. Also added into the mix is a bit of power exchange as Tina and Adam begin dominating Rob a bit both in and out of the bedroom; Rob finds himself conflicted about this new element of their relationship. The story goes much deeper and Rob begins to suspect that Adam is the puppet master pulling their strings, but to what end? 

This book works fine as a stand alone piece, but I still recommend that you begin with Book One and read the entire series, they are all excellent and you will have an even better understanding of who the characters are and where they are in their odyssey by beginning with Book One.

One thing I truly love about Mr Matthews books is that not only is he a terrific writer of erotica, he is also a fantastic story teller. When I pick up one of his books I know it's going to be hot and sexy, but what is even better is that I know he is going to tell me a great story. I know he is going to create characters who have depth and complexity; characters that I will care about, love, or even hate. His stories are interesting and entertaining as well as being steamy, and We Make Our Own Rules does not disappoint in any way.

The chemistry between the characters in all the Cuckold Odyssey books is great, but I really thought that this book takes it to the next level. The interactions between Rob, Tina, and Adam are just written so naturally and bring a level of realism to the story that makes it something special. There is a new character introduced in this book, Charlotte, whom I love and I hope will we be getting to know her even better in the future.

As I mentioned above, there is a level of realism to all three books in this series that is really special and that makes these stories hotter than most in this genre. Mr Matthews has a way of conveying the cuckold's emotional experience through his writing that allows the reader to almost be a part of the experience. I think that this line from We Make Our Own Rules is an excellent example of this:

"I was angry, hurt, and turned on. Life as a cuckold had taught me that it was perfectly possible to be all three at the same time."

I just love that because it is true, that is the experience and perhaps even the essence of being a cuckold, and Mr Matthews captures those feelings and experiences so well with his writing.

I'm giving We Make Our Own Rules five out of five paddles. I highly recommend this book to cuckold/hotwife fans as well as those fans of bdsm/femdom erotica.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Audiobook review: Bangkok Noir by Lisabet Sarai

I love thrillers, I also love erotica, and this week I had the opportunity to listen to an audiobook that delivered wonderfully on both counts. The book is Bangkok Noir by Lisabet Sarai, narrated by Jazmin Kensington.

Shaun's rating:

Set in the red light district of Bangkok, this story is told from the perspective of the owner of, and one of the girls who work at, the only S&M bar in the city. Someone has begun gruesomely murdering girls who work in the district and all of the murders have some sort of bdsm connection. The police lieutenant who is leading the investigation has hidden bdsm desires of his own, and begins a relationship with Dianna, the owner of the club. At the same time Nok, the girl who works in the bar, begins a relationship with Sam, an American who seems to have dark secrets of his own.

This is one of those stories that stands out from the rest. A thrilling plot, compelling and very well developed characters, a fascinating setting, and outstanding narration that brings the characters to life all combine to make this a book that I didn't want to leave for a second from start to finish. Really, my only complaint about this book is that it leaves us with a cliff-hanger and I really want to know the rest of the story.

I'm giving Bangkok Noir five out of five paddles, I highly recommend this book.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Review: A Midlife Makeover by Sally Bend

This week I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on A Midlife Makeover by Sally Bend the subtitle of this book is A tale of sissy submission and transsexual domination which quite aptly sums it up.

Shaun's rating:

This is the story of Candace, a middle aged cross-dresser who managed to make it through his/her own midlife crisis relatively unscathed but his wife's midlife crisis is a disaster. Candace and his wife end up getting divorced and Candace decides it's time to use her new found freedom to get back in touch with her sissy side. That means getting back in touch with Sharon, a transsexual goddess she had known in the past. This book tells the story of their reunion and of Candace's submission to Sharon.

There's a good story here and it is loaded with down and dirty hot erotic content. This is one of those books that you will want to add to the spank bank if you're into sissy and/or transsexual bdsm erotica. The author does a wonderful job with her descriptions of the action, the reader is most definitely shown as the story unfolds. 

So... the reason why I am giving this four and not five paddles in my review is that there's almost too much sex. I know, I can't believe I just said that either. It's just that even though the author does delve somewhat into Candace's emotional experience, I would have liked to go deeper into that.

There were a few glitches that slipped through the editing process with this book, but nothing major and nothing to cause me any problems with my reading flow.

I highly recommend this book for fans of sissy/feminization and transgender bdsm erotica, it's a keeper. I'm giving A Midlife Makeover four out of five paddles.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Review: Eight Days in Japan as a Girl by Zoe S. Figueroa

I'm a fan of Zoe S. Figueroa's work and I have wanted for ages to read Eight Days in Japan as a girl: A Gender Transformation Travelogue but just never seemed to find the time; until this past week. 

Shaun's rating:

Shahin and his girlfriend Melissa are taking a vacation to Japan. Melissa has a surprise for Shahin shortly after they arrive: Shahin had always fantasized of being a girl. An old college friend of Melissa's works for a company that has developed a drug which, working at the cellular level, can transform a person's gender. Melissa arranges for Shahin to take this drug and experience their vacation as a girl.

This is a really wonderfully told story. I love the detail of Shahin's experience as she experiences so many new things. The gender transformation part of the story is very well done, there are plenty of erotic scenes which are also very well done, and the descriptions of Japan and the sites the two visit are fascinating. Having all this combined into one very well told story is really a treat.

I'm giving Eight Days in Japan as a Girl five out of five paddles, I highly recommend this book.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lipstick For Her Leather now on Amazon!

Lipstick For Her Leather: An Anthology of Transgender Femdom Erotica is now available for Kindle on Amazon!  Get your free copy now and get a taste of what some of the best writers are offering. Also, please consider leaving a review, I can promise you it will be greatly appreciated!

If you would prefer a pdf copy you can download it free from Wordwooze Publishing.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Review: Lipstick For Her Leather: An Anthology of Transgender Femdom Erotica

Becoming an author has been such a wonderful experience, it's something I wanted to do from a very early age. I have had some really great experiences as an author; just publishing my first book was awesome, receiving my first review was amazing, having audio editions of my books published by Wordwooze was incredible. Now I have had another wonderful experience; one of my stories has been included in an anthology along with some of the transgender erotica authors whom I most enjoy and admire. I feel privileged to have my work included alongside these works by other authors whom I think are so fantastic. Not only are the stories in this book great but the book is being offered for free so that readers can get a taste of each Author's work and style. The authors include Sally Bend, Lyka Bloom, Jim Lyon, Kella Z. Driel, Jessie Ash, Kylie Gable, Claudia Acosta and myself. The book is called Lipstick For Her Leather: An Anthology of Transgender Femdom Erotica 

Shaun's rating:

There is a wonderful variety to the stories in this book, if you like femdom, feminization, and/or transgender erotica there will surely be something in these stories that will appeal to you. All the stories are well written, well edited, and hot. I was pleased to find that every story in this anthology is truly some of the best writing that I have had the pleasure of reading in this genre: The scenes are intriguing and well described, the character development by each author is amazing for such short stories, and the action... well the action is just steamy.

I hope that you will download a free copy of this book and that you will enjoy it. Included along with the stories are a brief bio of each author, links to some of their other works, and social media links. The book is also listed on Goodreads and should be available on Amazon soon, it would be great (and greatly appreciated) if readers would leave an honest review on those sites.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Review: Smutpunk Erotica Collab by Various Authors

I love when Authors put out free anthologies so that you can get a taste of their work without having to dish out hard earned money, it's a great way to find authors you like and allows the reader to be a bit wiser with their purchases. I recently had the pleasure of reading Smutpunk Erotica Collab, an anthology that included a few authors that I was already familiar with and introduced me to some new ones as well.

Shaun's rating:

I'm not going to go into an in-depth review of the stories here, I will say that all the stories are well written and edited, and that there is quite a variety to the stories though all have that Smutpunk feel. You'll find phallogynes, yetis, dinosaurs, and even time travelling cyborgs. It's a fun read that is sexy at times. The best thing is that this book allows the reader to sample Smutpunk, and various authors style. Best of all it's free on Smashwords!

I'm giving this book five out of five paddles, I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Review: Girltown by Lyka Bloom

This week I'm going to be sharing with you my thoughts on a short book that I found very fun and rather sweet. The book is Girltown by Lyka Bloom.

Shaun's rating:

Trevor is a college student with a secret; he wants to be feminized. This secret has him leading a bit of a loner's life so that he can privately indulge in his passion. One day he encounters a video on the internet that pushes all his buttons but it gets even more exciting when he begins receiving mysterious texts and finally an invitation to Girltown where it's possible that all his dreams might come true. Trevor goes to Girltown, but it's not quite what he expected. There he meets Vanessa who offers to help him realize his dreams, if he's willing to give her complete control. 

The meat of the story is erotic hypnosis, and its described beautifully by the author. As Trevor floats through a pink work of semi-consciousness he loses his old self and becomes... Well, I'll let you read that part for yourself.

The story is lovely, great character development and wonderful descriptions that bring the reader deeply into the story. It's all done in a way that is of rather questionable consent, yet its so sweet that you can't help be happy for Trevor.

The editing of this story is not great, I was stalled in the story several times due to things that slipped through the process, but it is still very readable and certainly a story I recommend to feminization fans.

I'm  giving Girltown four and one half out of five paddles, I want to go to girltown and I definitely want to read more about it!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Audio book review: Filthy Boys by M. Christian

I've just finished listening to another audiobook, Filthy Boys: Male-Male Erotica by M. Christian and narrated by Michael Vasicek.

Shaun's rating:

I'm not usually a big fan of m/m erotica, it just doesn't do much for me generally, however I am a big fan of M. Christian's writing so I thought I would give this book a try: I am very glad I did.

M Christian just has such a way with turning a phrase and with placing the reader into the story. His descriptions and character building create a scene in the readers mind, and this book was no exception. His story telling just pulls the reader in until they are immersed in this world he has created. 

This is a fantastic collection of stories. Even if you are not into m/m the stories themselves will entertain and make you think, maybe even disturb you a bit. With that said, I also found myself being turned on. Now, not every story turned me on but many of them did, they were just so hot, steamy, and yes filthy.

The narration was a perfect fit for these stories. The narrator's deep, gravelly, voice brought the characters and action to life.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Review: The Nightclub by James St. Clair

It's warming up here in Southern California and this week I read a book that made things even warmer, The Nightclub: An Accelerated Hotwife Tale by James St. Clair.

Shaun's rating:

Jason and Becky are a young happily married couple. Jason has fantasies of seeing Becky with another guy and she has played along in a purely fantasy way but for Jason's birthday she might be willing to take things beyond the fantasy. They go out to a nightclub, Becky dresses a bit slutty at Jason's request and there they meet Matt the hung alpha type guy.

So... yes it's a pretty formulaic story, the plot is not very original but sometimes the standard fare is such for a reason; because it works. There is nothing particularly original in this story but it's pretty well written and the erotic scenes are hot. This is a definite spank-bank type of book for those who enjoy cuckold/hotwife erotica.  I did think that the character development was especially well done for this type of erotic work, I felt like I came to know all three characters and I liked them.

The erotic scenes are quite well done, very good descriptions that bring the reader into the room with the action. If cuckold/hotwife is your thing this book should definitely tickle your fancy.

Editing was pretty good in this story; there was one little quirk that kind of bothered me, the use of then when it should it have been than, but it wasn't a huge deal. The book is written in the present tense which I found kind of annoying at times, but again not a big deal.

I'm giving The Nightclub four out of five paddles, I recommend it to hotwife/cuckold fans.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Review: Discovering Domination by Shaw Montgomery

It's so nice when you find a femdom book that contains a story and characters outside the stereotype that is so often associated with the genre. This week I had the good fortune of reading Discovering Domination by Shaw Montgomery and I am happy to tell you that this is one of those stories that leaves the porno-ish view of femdom well behind.

Shaun's rating:

Discovering Domination is the story of J.J. and Parker; how they meet and begin a female led relationship. J.J. is a successful, driven, self-employed woman who has had a difficult time finding the right man. Parker is also successful, driven, and having trouble finding the right woman; the difference is Parker knows what he is looking for while J.J. is not so sure. There is a strong attraction when the two meet, but J.J. quickly learns that Parker is interested in a woman who takes charge of the relationship and she is not sure if that is for her or not. 

Once again Ms. Montgomery creates characters that are actually well developed, like-able and who thankfully don't fall into the femdom stereotype of shrew and milquetoast. J.J. and Parker seem real, they are functional human beings who most of us would be happy to sit down to dinner with. It's so nice to see characters in the femdom genre portrayed in this way. There's a good bit of light bdsm play protrayed in this book, but J.J. is not some screeching, man-hating, control-freak and Parker is a strong caring man who has the will and ability to stand up for himself.

This is a romance that is very well done and has enough erotic hotness to get the readers blood pumping.

I very much enjoyed Discovering Domination and I'm giving it four out of five paddles. If you enjoy reading female led fiction and femdom that breaks the porn stereotypes then I highly recommend this book. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Audiobook review- Tinder Surprise: Pegging and Begging by Sakinaa Davies

I do enjoy audiobooks and this week I had the pleasure of listening to Tinder Surprise: Pegging and Begging written by Sakinaa Davies and narrated by Sierra Kline.

Shaun's rating:

Ethan is a college student/athlete who meets Alexis through Tinder while he's hanging out with some friends in a bar. Alexis invites Ethan back to her hotel room for an adventurous evening, but an evening on her terms. They jump right into some some pretty intense bdsm play, perhaps not very realistic but it's damn sure hot. 

The reader is tossed right into the action from the first line of the book. After a few chapters of hot sexiness we learn a bit of the back story and find out how Ethan found himself under Alexis' thrall.

Tinder Surprise was a nice surprise for me. While this is a fairly straight forward piece of erotica, there is a story but it is primarily hot femdom smut (smut in the best way), it's well written erotica that will definitely rev your engine; especially if you're into such things as male chastity, pegging, and tease and denial. Don't expect great depth of characters or plot (though perhaps that will build as the story continues in future volumes) but do expect hot raw femdom bdsm action.

Sierra Kline's narration is fantastic, her voice and inflection convey the raw sexuality of this story.

I highly recommend Tinder Surprise to those femdom fans who are looking for a sizzling spank-bank book. I'm giving Tinder Surprise four and one half out of five paddles.

Monday, April 10, 2017

The audiobook edition of Passion Undiminished is now available!

Just released, the audio edition of Passion Undiminished!

This is very exciting! The entire Undiminished series is now available in audiobook format, all narrated by William Sullivent. I'm very proud of Passion Undiminished, it has been quite well reviewed, and I'm thrilled that it now has the potential of reaching a wider audience.

Of course it's still available as an ebook from Smashwords and in Kindle and Paperback formats from Amazon.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Review: Their Meddling Aunt: Sequel to Their Wild Little Girl by Shawna Hunter

I've been swamped lately but I had time this week to read Their Meddling Aunt: Sequel to Their Wild Little Girl by Shawna Hunter and so here are my thoughts on this book.

Shaun's rating:

Their Meddling Aunt is a sequel to Their Wild Little Girl which I have not read yet, but I thought it worked fine as a stand alone piece.

Marcus, Jessica, and Elisabeth (Lizzy) have a happy little menage going on with a bit of bdsm play to keep things spicy. Lizzy had survived for years in the jungle of South America after a plane crash which claimed the life of her parents. Marcus had rescued her and Jessica was involved in her reintroduction to the civilized world. All of that is, I'm sure, the story of Their Wild Little Girl, but it's explained well enough in Their Meddling Aunt that the reader has a pretty good idea of what's going on even without having read the first book. 

Jessica is a bit devious, she likes head games, and she has come up with a plot to help Marcus come more to terms with his role as a dominant. This plot involves Lizzy's aunt, Lydia, who has her own plot working; she wants to test Marcus and be sure that he is worthy of being Lizzy and Jessica's dominant. 

It's an interesting plot, but to be honest I did not think it was as well developed as some of the Author's other works which I have read. The story seemed to drag a bit for me during the first 25% or so of the book, but after that it got more interesting.

There was a lot of erotic content in this book, most of which was quite titillating as I would expect having read a couple of Ms Hunter's books in the past, she is quite good at describing steamy scenes. As I mentioned there's a good bit of bdsm thrown in to spice things up; most of it is rather mild, including spanking and pony play.

My main critique of this book is with the editing; it badly needed a final edit. There were a lot of misused words, and Marcus was referred to as Shawn in at least a couple of places. This drew from the story flow multiple times and really took away from my enjoyment of the book.

I'm giving Their Meddling Aunt three and one half out of five paddles.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Review: Schooled to Obey: Lilly's Training, Book 1 by Devi Ansevi

I'm afraid I've fallen a bit behind with reviews here once again, but I'll try to get back to it and this week I'll be giving you my thoughts on another audiobook: Schooled to Obey: Lilly's Training writeen by Devi Ansevi and narrated by Rose Lachlin.

Shaun's rating:

Lily had a wonderful life as a Governess but when her Mistress' children have grown and her mother is faced with health problems she finds herself in rather desperate circumstances; but there is a light at end of the tunnel. However, the journey through that tunnel will be an incredibly erotic awakening unlike anything the rather naive Lily could have imagined. Lord Harcourt Will be her teacher and trainer as she experiences an erotic awakening that she could not have possibly imagined.

Wonderfully written by Devi Ansevi this story takes the listener on a sweetly erotic journey right along with Lily. Terrific character development and wonderfully described scenes bring the reader into the story. I give the story five out of five paddles. 

Rose Lachlin is a wonderful narrator and I very much enjoyed her reading of this story, though at times I felt like she was a bit subdued. A little more excitement and life in the narration would have been welcome, but honestly this may be a bit overly critical on my part, I still give the narration four out of five paddles.

Overall this audiobook is absolutely wonderful and I definitely recommend it. I'm giving Schooled to Obey four and one half out of five paddles.