Saturday, December 31, 2016

Review: Kneeling in Spirit by Raven Kaldera

This review is going to be a bit of a departure from the usual fare for this blog, instead of erotica I will be giving you my thoughts on a non-fiction book: Kneeling in Spirit, edited by Raven Kaldera.

Shaun's rating:

  Kneeling in Spirit is an anthology in which Raven Kaldera has written the Foreward which is followed by the personal stories of several disabled submissives and then stories from several dominants who have (or had) disabled submissives.  The book gives a real world glimpse into the challenges of maintaining a D/s or M/s relationship when the 's' type is not blessed with perfect physical health. 

I must say that this is a subject that is close to my heart: I am a 's' type and I face physical challenges that sometimes make service to my 'M' difficult. As with the people who tell their stories in Kneeling in Spirit I am not able to serve my Mistress with the same physical grace and poise as do the characters we read about in erotic fiction. However, as this book points out, I can kneel in spirit and that is beautiful and powerful. The contributors to this book find ways to make power exchange, control, and service work in their relationships despite the challenges they face.

In my opinion this is an excellent and insightful book in dealing with physical challenges in D/s or M/s relationships. It was inspiring to read the stories presented and how both the dominant and the submissive were willing to find a way to make their relationship work. 

I think my biggest take-away from reading this book is that power exchange is mostly in the heart and mind. The physical stuff is wonderful and fun, and most relationships can find a way to make at least some physical power exchange happen, but more important is what goes on in our hearts and minds as this is the power and energy exchange that feeds our souls.

I'm giving Kneeling in Spirit five out of five paddles. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in power exchange relationships whether or not you or a partner deal with physical challenges.

Friday, December 23, 2016

A Sissy Diary

I am so excited to share with you that my book, A Sissy Diary, made Sally Bend's fave list for 2017 over at Bending the Bookshelf

If you aren't familiar with Sally's blog you should become so. Sally offers excellent reviews and every Friday she puts together a list of stories and books that are currently being offered free on Amazon, it's a wonderful resource for readers.  Sally is also a contributor/editor at Frock Magazine, which is a wonderful periodical for those of us who fall anywhere on the trans spectrum (or who are just interested in such). I've been a subscriber to Frock for sometime now and look forward to each issue.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Review: Circe & Telemachus Volume 1 by Eloise Abelard

In this review I'll be giving my thoughts on Circe & Telemachus Volume 1: An erotic feminization and gender swapping romance by Eloise Abelard.

Shaun's rating:

 This is a bit of a different take on the stories of Telemachus and Circe than the ones I vaguely recall from Homer's The Odyssey. This story takes place years after Odysseus has returned to Ithaca. Telemachus is the commander of a ship that comes upon an island; having heard his father's stories he is a bit leery of what may await him on this island, but being the brave young prince he sets off to explore. Unknown to Telemachus this is Circe's island, whom his father had encountered previously, and Circe is a weaver of magic and spinner of spells. Circe feels Telemachus on her island before even seeing him, and the touch intrigues her. She casts a spell to expose who her visitors truly are inside. While Telemachus is mostly resistant to Circe's magic (as Odysseus was in The Odyssey) there is some effect and it turns out that Telemachus is actually a young maiden in a boys body. Circe endeavors to bring this young maiden, whom she feels a strong desire for, forth and let Telemachus become who he/she truly is.

 This is a well written tale that is sweet and sexy. I enjoyed how the author developed the characters; both Circe and Telemachus were at times strong and at other times vulnerable. Telemachus' femininity was brought forth in a very sweet and caring manner by Circe and I enjoyed observing it emerge. I also liked how protective Circe was as she brought forth the maiden that was hidden inside Telemachus; she didn't force femininity on him she allowed it to bloom within. Of course Telemachus had moments of doubt and struggle as the girl inside was emerging, but Circe helped him/her to discover her true self; this was not a story about humiliation or degradation.

I found the erotic scenes in this book quite hot if a bit different from most erotica. The scenes were not so much raw sex as they were sensual. I enjoyed that very much.

The book was well edited, there were a very few mistakes I caught but none were egregious enough to disrupt the flow of reading. 

I'm giving Circe and Telemachus Volume 1 four and one half out of five paddles. I look forward to more from this author. I definitely recommend this book to feminization fans, especially those who enjoy when feminization is encouraged and celebrated rather than forced.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Review: Dommes & Submissives by Billierosie

The subject of this week's review is Dommes & Submissives: A Femdom Anthology by Billierosie.

Shaun's rating:

 This is a terrific collection of four short stories: Rebellious Slave, Solomon's Secret, Subspace, and Laocoon. I'm not going to discuss the individual stories, but I will say that all feature female dominants and male submissives. These stories tend toward the edgier side of bdsm and may be a bit extreme for some readers. However, if you like things a bit edgy this collection is fantastic.

Billierosie manages to masterfully set the scenes and develop the characters here, something that is not easy to do with such short stories. Something that I really enjoyed about these characters was that the women, while they could be cruel, were not mean spirited. The women liked and valued the submissive men. Yes the women could be cruel, they caused the men to suffer, but it was not out of maliciousness instead it was about the give and take of energy exchange and the blurred lines of pain/pleasure.

As I mentioned above the erotic scenes are a bit edgy, they are also scorching hot. 

I did notice a few small editing problems, an extra word or quotation mark, but they were few and far between and did not interfere with the flow of the story.

For femdom fans who like things leaning a bit to the extreme I highly recommend Dommes & Submissives. I'm giving this book four and one half out of five paddles.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Audiobook review: Lady in Waiting by Devi Ansevi

I love audio books, well I love good audio books and this week I'll be sharing my thoughts on a terrific one: Lady in Waiting: A Tale of Victorian Erotica, Stuffed Bottoms and Sound Spankings written by Devi Ansevi and narrated by Rose Lachlan.

Shaun's rating:

 This story is set in the Victorian era. Charlotte is Lady Emma's lady maid and has been for a short time after having to leave her last employment under dubious circumstances. Lord Darcy has come courting Lady Emma with matrimonial hopes, but he is not above taking advantage of his station and using Charlotte for his pleasure. When Charlotte learns that Lady Emma has accepted Lord Darcy's proposal she hatches a plan to deter the Lord's advances. As Charlotte puts her plan to action she is caught in the act by Lady Emma and must tell her the truth of what Lord Darcy has been up to. Things just get better, and hotter, from there.

 Wow, did I love this story. The writing is first rate and the narration is fabulous. The whole story (and it was a real story with an actual plot; a beginning, middle, and end) just oozed sexy hotness and there was a bit of humor thrown in that made it a really fun book to listen, one I'm sure I'll listen to many more times.

I loved the characters, they're well developed, likable, and fun. The scenes are well set inviting the reader to a front row seat for all the delectable activities.

 I'm giving Lady in Waiting five out of five paddles. It's fun, it's sexy, and I highly recommend it.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Review: Embracing His Submission by Shaw Montgomery

I've been fortunate enough to read some really great books lately and the subject of this weeks review is no exception. The book I'll be reviewing this week is a new release, Embracing His Submission by Shaw Montgomery.


Shaun's rating:

 Embracing His Submission is a romantic piece of femdom erotica, and it is very well done. 

Jonathan is an erotica author whose own desires are to submit to a dominant woman; but not the stereotypical mean and cruel domme, he desires a kind and caring woman. Samantha may be just that type of woman and Jonathan may be just the kind of submissive man she is searching for, a strong man with a kind heart who is not a milquetoast. There is a problem though, Jonathan is painfully shy when it comes to communicating his desires and Samantha must find a way to bring him out of his shell.

 Ms Montgomery has done a wonderful job with this piece. Jonathan and Samantha are characters that I, as a reader, was drawn to almost immediately and I greatly enjoyed watching them as the story unfolded. Even the peripheral characters were very well done.

The scenes were very well set, the descriptions made me feel like I was right there watching as the action unfolded.

The erotic scenes are smoking hot. The bdsm is light, as it should be since Jonathan is making his first foray into actually doing this stuff rather than just fantasizing about it; but being bdsm light did not make the scenes any less hot. If you like tease and denial there is a delicious bit of that to be found in this story.

The book is very well edited, the pace and flow of the story were smooth. It was a pleasure to read.

I'm giving Embracing His Submission five out of five paddles. If you enjoy femdom erotica with a bit of romance and characters that are actually likeable I highly recommend this book.

I received a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Review: Finding Love Down Under by Donna Jay

The book I'm going to be reviewing this week, Finding Love Down Under by Donna Jay, is a F/F erotic romance with a bit of BDSM spice thrown into the mix.

Shaun's rating:

In this story we meet Claire and Zoe. Claire is a native New Zealander who had a relationship end badly when her fiancee broke her trust. Zoe is a Canadian, traveling in New Zealand, who has also had a relationship end badly when her trust was broken. The two women meet in a McDonalds shortly after Zoe's relationship ended; Zoe needs rescuing, though she doesn't ask for it, and Claire offers her a place to stay in exchange for some help around her home and vineyard. 

Both women have been damaged and have a difficult time extending trust. In fact it takes some time before they even find out they are both lesbians, are attracted to one another, and both into bdsm. They face some challenges as they learn to trust again, and as their respective ex's show up and try to meddle.

This is a well written story that leans more toward the romantic side though there are some hot erotic scenes that are very well done. The characters are developed well, I liked and disliked some aspects of both Claire and Zoe which I think speaks to how real the author made them for me. 

The story had a good bit of angst, some had to do with the characters trust issues, and some with the ex's trying to worm back into their lives. I did feel like the angst was a bit manufactured at times, though I'm not sure my feelings are really fair. Both characters were damaged, and sometimes our damage causes us to create angst where it might not truly exist, even so that angst is real for us and I felt it was real for Claire and Zoe.

I loved how the author showed us around New Zealand a bit in this book as Claire and Zoe traveled as well as how we are exposed to a bit of New Zealand culture. This was a definite bonus for me with this story.

As I mentioned above the erotic scenes are hot. The bdsm is on the light side with nothing extreme, it definitely added to the hotness of the erotic scenes, at least for me.

The book is very well edited with nothing causing me pause as I read. The flow and pacing of the story work very well.

I'm giving Love Down Under four out of five paddles. I definitely recommend it especially for F/F fans who enjoy a bit of bdsm spice in their reading.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Review: Naughty Tales Of Leather And Latex by Roxy Katt

This week I'm going to be reviewing another audiobook, Naughty Tales of Leather & Latex: Laugh out Loud Lesbian Humor written by Roxy Katt and narrated by Sierra Kline.

Shaun's rating:

Well, if you like humor and erotica (and who doesn't) this is a must listen.

This was just so much fun to listen to. It's absolutely hot and sexy but what really got me was the wonderful characters and the humor that is brought into each of the situations that they find themselves in the midst of. I don't even have a leather or latex fetish, but believe me you don't need either of those to have a great time listening to this book.

There are three stories included in this book, I'm not going to go into details of each story, suffice to say I greatly enjoyed all three; but most especially the second story, which is set in a futuristic space academy. All the stories are well done, for those fetishists out there two of the stories will feed your rubber fetish and the final story has a leather clad character who is played with in a most unusual way by the protagonist. 

Sierra Kline does a fantastic job with her reading of this book. Her pace, inflection, and tone bring the action and comedy alive.

I'm giving this audio edition of Naughty Tales of Latex and Leather five out of five paddles. I highly recommend this audiobook! 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

New release: The audiobook edition of Love Undiminished!

It's happened: the audiobook edition of Love Undiminished has been released! You can find it on Audible or on Amazon, of course you can also find the ebook and paperback editions on Amazon as well. 


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Review: The Definition Of Equal by E S Carpenter

This week I'll be giving you my thoughts on a transgender romance that definitely has some erotic elements, but more importantly contains a wonderful message: The Definition Of Equal by E S Carpenter.

Shaun's rating:

The Definition Of Equal is the sequel to one of my favorite books, The Definition Of Normal (you can see my review of The Definition Of Normal here). This is the continuing story of Stephanie and Jake who have been best friends since the age of five and in love with one another almost that entire time; of course when they were five Stephanie was Steven. Stephanie and Jake are planning to get married and The Definition Of Equal takes us along on their journey. We also meet a few new characters, perhaps most importantly Colleen. Colleen is a transgender girl whose parents are not nearly as accepting as Stephanie's parents had been, in fact Colleen's father is physically abusive. Stephanie, Jake, and their friends attempt to rescue Colleen and in the process begin trying to reach out to their community hoping that they can open some minds.

This is a well written book, with an interesting story, genuinely likeable characters, and most importantly a thoughtful and important message.  I truly hope that both the books in this series will reach the widest possible audience as I believe the author does a wonderful job in explaining that we are all equal. What gender we are, who we love, or how we choose to dress does not make us any less than anyone else. We are all human beings.

One of my critiques with the first book in this series was the lack of real conflict, that is not the case with the second book, at least not in the first two thirds or so. The last third of the book did seem to fall a bit flat for me, most of the conflict was resolved and it kind of felt like the ending of the book was a bit drawn out. As with the first book, there were a few instances where the dialogue felt a bit awkward or contrived, but this was the author attempting to convey their message of love and equality, so I was able to happily just roll with it.

Overall this is an excellent book that I highly recommend.  There are a few erotic scenes that are quite hot and steamy, but mostly this is a love story with a powerful message of equality and love for our fellow human beings.

The book could have used another proof read, there were a few copy editing problems, but it was not glaring enough to take away from the story.

I'm giving The Definition Of Equal four out of five paddles. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

A Sissy Diary, audio edition giveaway.

Wordwooze, the publisher of the audio edition of A Sissy Diary, has sent me some promo codes for free copies of the book on Audible. I thought I would give readers of this blog first crack at those codes. If your interested in listening to the audio version you can email me (my email is and I will send you a promo code and instructions on redeeming it. All that I would ask is that you post an honest review to Audible after you have finished listening to the book. I do have a limited number of promo codes, so I'll give them out on a first come-first serve basis.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trust Undiminished!

Update: Trust Undiminished is now available on Amazon! Coming soon to other retailers.

It's been a long haul but I have finally finished Trust Undiminished. It's going through the finally editing stages now. I am hoping that it will be live on Amazon by next weekend (can't promise that though). Below is the cover and a little tease.


Rising, I brought the breakfast tray to her as she sat up. I placed the tray across her lap and, grabbing the bottle of lotion from my nightstand, took my place at her feet.

"Mistress," I began as I smoothed lotion over her left foot, "there's something I would like to talk about."

"Mmm, what is it my dear?" she asked as she raised a piece of melon to her lips.

"I think I'd like you to cuckold me."

The melon never made it past her lips. She slowly lowered it back to the plate. Her eyes narrowed and her look intensified.

"Why?" she asked.

I nervously cleared my throat, "Well, I feel like I can't meet all your sexual needs. I'd like you to be able to experience better sex. Also the idea, of you being with another man, kind of turns me on."

Lisa set the breakfast tray aside, the topaz flakes in her hazel eyes began to sparkle and dance.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Review: Come Home With Us by Rob Matthews

This week I'll be reviewing Come Home With Us (A Cuckold Odyssey Book 1) by Rob Matthews.

Shaun's rating:

 You may recall that a few weeks ago I reviewed I Can Do It Better by Mr Matthews (you can see that review here) which was book two in this series. I had enjoyed that book so much that I just had to read book one, I am very glad I did.

Before I get into the meat of my review I have to say that some of this book was really difficult for me to read, and some of this review is a bit difficult to write. The reason for this difficulty is that this book brought up a lot of very strong feelings for me, both good and bad. The story is realistic enough, and because in my marriage and my being cuckolded by my Mistress/wife I have been through some rather similar challenges to those faced by the protagonists in this book, that I found myself feeling some of that pain again. Thankfully, I also was able to experience some of the excitement again. While this was a bit difficult for me at times, I think it is a testament to how well written this story is. An author wants to touch the emotions of their readers, and Mr Matthews certainly managed to push some of my buttons.

Come Home With Us introduces us to Rob and Tina, a happily married couple who are ready to spice up their marriage a bit. Rob has always had a bit of a kink, he likes Tina to talk about other men that she has had sex with. Tina has always enjoyed playing along with Rob's little game and has several fantasy lovers that she teases Rob with. There comes a point where Tina wants to take this beyond fantasy and make it a reality. Rob is excited and frightened at the prospect of moving beyond the fantasy.

 Tina decides that the man she wants to cuckold Rob with is a coworker of hers named Steve. Things go pretty well at first, but pretty soon difficulties begin to emerge. Steve and Tina begin to think that they are developing feelings for one another and Tina begins to feel objectified by Rob in that he only seems to get turned on when he is thinking about her having sex with Steve rather than being turned on for just being a beautiful woman who loves him.

Okay, I'm just going to stop there or I will definitely be spoiling the story and I don't want to do that.

This book is really well written. The characters are developed really well, they have depth and the chemistry between Rob and Tina is very well done.  The scenes are laid out and well described, the author shows you rather than telling you.  There is a beginning, middle, and end, it's an actual story not just some erotic scenes haphazardly strung together. Mr Matthews really delves into what goes on the minds of a cuckold/hotwife couple as well as exploring some of the challenges that they may face.

The sex scenes are hot and again the author shows the reader. As I read the erotic scenes I felt like a voyeur in the room.  It was very well done.

The copy editing was great, nothing that caused me pause as I read.

The reason I am giving this four and half rather than five paddles is a bit hard to explain. I loved this book, it was a fantastic read and I really enjoyed it, but somehow the ending left me just a bit deflated. I really don't think this will be an issue for most readers, I think it may be because I was so emotionally invested in the middle of this book that  the ending felt a bit flat.

This is an excellent piece of cuckold/hotwife erotica and I am giving it four and one half paddles out of five. I highly recommend it.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Sissy Diary- Audio edition!

The audio edition of A Sissy Diary has been released and is now available on Audible and

I'm very excited about this! A Sissy Diary has been getting some great reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads such as this wonderful five star review from Sally Bend:

"I have to admit, I was not expecting much out of A Sissy Diary after the first few pages. It seemed like just another story of a self-hating crossdresser and his cruel, unforgiving wife. As much as I love stories of female domination, I do get tired of seeing sissies cruelly punished for something that should be a pleasure.

Fortunately, Shaun Putaine shares that disdain for the cliche, redeeming it with a surprise twist, and then breathing new life into the genre with some lovely sentiments.

While Scott's wife needs time to cope with the discovery, it is the lies and the secrets that bother her, not the crossdressing itself. Fortunately, her sister and brother-in-law have some experience with alternative lifestyles, and they are prepared to guide Scott (now Sallyann) into a new life as a sissy, while her wife assumes her role as dominant cuckoldress.

Where Putaine breathes new life into the genre is with the focus on self-acceptance. Sallyann has to recognize that she's the one being intolerant, that her guilt and shame are self-imposed. Once she does that, she can really settle in to her dreams and enjoy being pampered (and punished) as a sissy by her new Auntie, who makes a girl of her, and by her new Uncle, who makes a woman of her. The level of detail there, both physical and emotional is just delightful, as Sallyann really gets indulged in her femininity.

This is only the first part of her story, howver - it is A Sissy Story where her wife takes control"

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Review: Laci On Top by Donna Jay

I had the good fortune of reading another very well done femdom genre book this week; Laci On Top by Donna Jay.

Shaun's rating:

This is another very good piece of erotica that has an interesting story, is well written, and has a decent hotness factor.

Laci On Top tells the story of Laci and Cole, a couple whose nest has recently become empty and who begin to explore a bit sexually. The exploration is led by Laci who has always had a dominant side but who feels more comfortable exploring it now that their son has moved away to college. 

Their exploration is the story, and it's interesting. There is just enough conflict, mostly internal conflict as Laci and Cole discover new things about themselves and each other, to keep the story flow interesting. I do think that there could have been a bit more exploration into Laci's and Cole's conflict that might have made the story even more compelling. I like to get to know characters deeply and while the surface of Laci's and Cole's emotions were scratched I would have liked to dig a bit deeper. The chemistry between Laci and Cole is delicious, I very much enjoyed their interactions whether they were fooling around sexually or just fooling around generally. I enjoyed that there is a bit of humor included in the writing, nothing made me laugh out loud but I did find myself smiling in a few places.

The erotic scenes are well done. The sex and play between Laci and Cole is well described, it's hot and fun. The play might seem a bit mild for more hardcore femdom fans, but Laci and Cole are just beginning to explore after all. I thought the erotic scenes were quite sexy and was glad that they were not more hardcore, it always bothers me when a book takes characters new to femdom or any form of BDSM and immediately throws them into extreme play.

The editing was well done, there were a couple insignificant issues, but certainly nothing that caused more than the briefest moments pause as I read. 

I'm giving Laci On Top four and one half out of five paddles. Highly recommended for femdom fans and especially for those new to the genre or who prefer action that is not extreme. I might add that this book might be considered more in the female led class than actual femdom.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Review: My Husband's Adventures by Alex Hathaway

Alrighty dear readers, I buckled down and read another book today just so I could post a review here this weekend for you: Wow, am I glad I did. Allow me to give you my thoughts on My Husband's Adventures: Confessions From The Wife Of A Cuckold Bull by Alex Hathaway.

 Shaun's rating:

Let me just put this out there right now: This book is scorching hot! If you are into cuckold/hotwife erotica this is a definite spank bank book. It also delves into the cuckqueen side of things which added another layer of steaming hotness. There is also a good deal of erotic humiliation in the stories, which while not for everyone, I thought was very well done.

My Husband's Adventures is the story of Corrie and her husband Jackson. Corrie and Jackson have been married for several years when Corrie catches Jackson having sex with one of her acquaintances/friend while the husband watches. This rocks Corrie's world and her marriage, even though Jackson had told her from the beginning that he would not promise monogamy to her. The story then takes the reader along as Corrie and Jackson try to make their way through this world of cuckolding and cuckqueening and find their place as individuals and as a couple.

The character development in this book is outstanding for an erotic piece. I felt like I came to know the characters very quickly and more than just knowing, I cared about them. The author shows the reader the scenes in a way that allows you to see it without being overdone. There is a engaging plot that draws the reader in, keeps interest, and flows smoothly throughout the book. As I said above, the erotic scenes are blisteringly hot.

The only reason this book did not earn five paddles is that it did have a few copy editing problems. There was nothing that really drew me out of the stories, but I was paused momentarily at least a couple of times when an incorrect name was used or at some other minor editing hiccup. 

I'm giving My Husband's Adventures four and one half out of five paddles. If you are into erotica with themes of cuckold/hotwife, cuckqueen, and erotic humiliation (especially small penis humiliation) this is one you will definitely want to read. 


Exciting news: Audio editions of Love Undiminished and A Sissy Diary coming soon, oh yeah and a dillemma.

First the dilemma I find myself facing this morning. I came in here ready to review a book that I had read this past week, not a very good book but still... 

When I began finding links to said book I noticed that the name attached to it was listed as an editor not an author. I looked around a bit at some of the editor's other 'work' and I found one review (of a different book) that claimed the 'Editor' had stolen the story from Literotica. I've decided not to review this book here. I have already posted a short review on Amazon and Goodreads which I will leave up. If this 'Editor' is stealing works I certainly do not want to be a part of promoting, even with a less than positive review, their deed.

I will leave that there and move on, perhaps I can get another book read this weekend and get a review posted.

Now for the exciting news! The great folks at Wordwooze Publishing have been working on audiobook editions of Love Undiminished and A Sissy Diary. The audio editions of both books should be released sometime toward the end of November. 

I am so excited about this! I love audiobooks and can't wait to hear my own works in audio format. I have listened to several audiobooks produced by Wordwooze and they have all been wonderfully and very professionally done.

Below are the covers for the audiobook editions of both books, of course you can get the ebook editions anytime from Amazon (just go to my Amazon Author Page) or most other retailers.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Review: I Can Do It Better by Rob Matthews

I didn't have much time for reading this past week, however I had the good fortune of choosing a particularly good piece of cuckold/hotwife erotica for the time I had. Here are my thoughts on I Can Do It Better (A Cuckold Odyssey #2) by Rob Matthews.

Shaun's rating:

I Can Do It Better is book two of the Cuckold Odyssey series. I have not read book one (Come Home With Us), but I was pleased that I Can Do It Better worked fine as a stand alone piece. 

Rob and Tina (our protagonists) had apparently met some difficulties in book one but they have overcome those challenges and are continuing forward in the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle. They have met a couple (Emma and Ben) who are new to the lifestyle and while they begin to build a friendship and offer advice to the new couple there is also a bit of competition that develops between Tina and Emma. Tina has designs on the stud that Emma has chosen to cuckold Ben, but maybe Tina isn't the hottest wife in town anymore. At the same time Adam, a man Tina and Rob met at a club and who Tina was not attracted to, is subtly working his own seduction of her.

This is a terrific piece of erotica that is hot, sexy, and fun to read. The characters are well developed with depth and complexity. The emotions experienced by the men and women in the story are explored in a way that brings the characters, and the story itself, alive to the reader. I very much enjoyed how the author managed to allow us to see a glimpse into the emotions experienced by the women in this story even though it was told from Rob's point of view.

 The erotic scenes are very well done, steamy without being overdone. It's a definite spank bank book, if you're into cuckold/hotwife fiction. 

The editing was terrific. The book read smoothly with nothing that caused me even a moments pause from the story.

 I'm giving I Can Do It Better four and one half out of five paddles. I highly recommend this for cuckold/hotwife fans. I Can Do It Better is due to be released December 1, 2016. You can pre-order the paperback version now.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Review: Her Domain (Extended Version) by Goddess Victoria Black

Happy weekend everyone. It seems like lately I've been reading mostly books that deal with some form of gender bending, lesbian bdsm or male Dom/female sub erotica. This week I felt like getting back to the Femdom/male sub genre, so I picked up a copy of Her Domain (Extended Version) by Goddess Victoria Black.

Shaun's rating:

This is a collection of short stories, all are femdom and there are very strong themes of puppy play and boot fetish throughout. I'm trying to remain objective with this review, but I will admit that puppy play is not something that interests me particularly and I found it to be a bit tedious and repetitive for my tastes. If puppy play appeals to you; you may find this book more appealing than I. Now, I kind of like boots; I wouldn't say it is a fetish of mine, but still a bit of boot worship is titillating to me. However, the boot fetish I felt was overdone in this book as well. Frankly, I just got bored of it.

 Some of the stories were pretty good. Many of the stories I thought had great potential. I found myself beginning to get drawn into certain stories. I hoped the author was going to take me someplace new and exciting and wonderful. I wanted to go there, really I did, but each time I thought we were headed there- I was disappointed. There were some interesting twists to some of the stories, but they were just never really fleshed out. The very first story was a good example of this, and was perhaps my favorite story of the book. As I began reading I was thinking  'Gawd, it's just another formulaic cruel bitch Domme story', but it ended with a wonderful twist that gave me great hope for the rest of the book. Unfortunately my hopes were never realized.

After the first story the rest of of the book continued to be rather formulaic, cookie cutter, femdom fantasy fluff. It's the kind of stuff you can easily find for free on any number of story sites online. There just was nothing there that made me feel like I had spent my money wisely in purchasing this book. There wasn't a great deal of character or scene development, and I was not drawn into any of the stories.

Just a note, this book is supposed to contain a number of photos of Goddess Black and scenes from her dungeon or sessions. None of the images were present in my Kindle copy (I read the book on the Kindle App on my Ipad, not sure if that had anything to do with the images not showing up or not). I'm not taking that into account in my review, I purchased the book for the stories not the images, but I want to make potential purchasers aware of this issue.

The copy editing of this book left a great deal to be desired.  There were many misused words, spelling and grammar errors, and continuity problems. I found it impossible to get into a flow reading, I was constantly being tripped up by editing problems.

I'm giving Her Domain two out of five paddles, I can't recommend this book.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Review: Beauty And The Bitch by Shawna Hunter

I had a bit of a crazy busy week, but I did manage to sneak some reading in. This week I read Beauty And The Bitch: A BDSM Lesbian Romance by Shawna Hunter.

Shaun's rating:

 This is the second book by Shawna Hunter that I have read recently, well actually the first was an audiobook that I listened to, and I must say I really enjoy her writing. Ms Hunter once again manages to tell a story that is not only sexy but that actually has an interesting plot and characters as well.

Beauty And The Bitch is the story of a small town librarian who finds it necessary to improve her physical fitness. She joins a gym and engages a physical trainer whom she begins to find very attractive. As her relationship with her trainer develops whole new worlds are opened up to her.

This is just an enjoyable and entertaining story to read, the hot erotic scenes are delicious icing on the cake. The characters are interesting and likable. The descriptions draw the reader in with enough detail to paint the picture without becoming tedious. The editing was excellent, with hardly a flaw and nothing glaring enough to disrupt the flow of reading.

I definitely recommend this book, and I'm giving it four and one half out of five paddles. 


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Review: Loosely Women by Iain Benson

Happy October everyone. This week I'll be reviewing Loosely Women by Iain Benson.

Shaun's rating:

While I normally review erotica here, this week I'm stepping away from that and and reviewing a piece of transgender fiction.

Loosely Women is a tale of several transgender women. It chronicles a period of time when their lives intersect and the two main characters, one transsexual and one cross-dresser, are struggling with the need to come out to their families and friends so that they can lead a more authentic life. 

This is a well written and interesting story that delves into some of the fears, and emotional conflicts, that are a part of the transgender experience. The story flows smoothly, keeps the reader's interest, and is peppered with a bit of humor. I thought the author did an excellent job of allowing the characters to express the emotional conflict that is a part of being closeted and having to live in a way that is not authentic to one's self.

I did find the character development to lag a bit at first, perhaps because the author is introducing us to several characters who play a big part in the story very quickly, and I had a bit of trouble keeping track of them all at first. As the story went on I was able to get to know all the characters and came to like (or dislike) them as familiarity grew.

 With the above said, this story never truly gripped me. I enjoyed the book, but for some reason I was never really emotionally involved with the characters or story. 

The editing was so-so in this book. It was well enough edited to be readable, but there were problems and times where the problems were serious enough to pull me from the story. This was, perhaps, a contributing factor to my never being able to become truly involved in the story.

I'm giving Loosely Women three paddles out of five. I do recommend it if you are interested in transgender fiction, while not a great book is certainly worth reading.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Audiobook review: Submission Backstory by Shawna Hunter

I listened to a terrific audiobook this week, Submission Backstory: Memoir Of A BDSM Authoress, by Shawna Hunter and narrated by Sierra Kline.

 Shaun's rating:

I think what I most loved about this book was that it actually told an interesting story. When I read erotica I absolutely want it to be sexy and steamy, but I also want a story that I can get involved in, something that pulls me in and keeps me interested in the characters and what is going to happen to them next. This book delivers very well on all of the above. 

This the story of Alyssa, a lifestyle reporter, who travels to New York in pursuit of a hot story. While working to get an interview with someone who is at the center of this story she is chasing; she meets a young man, David, who seems to be tangential to the story but who may actually be able to guide her to an even bigger story. As Alyssa begins pursuing this story she experiences things, hot exciting things, that awaken a new awareness and desire in her.

 Submission Backstory is very well written. The story flows smoothly, the descriptions draw the reader in and keeps their interest. The erotic scenes are hot and intense without being over-done. The characters are interesting and well drawn.

Sierra Kline does a beautiful job narrating this book. Her voice and pace draw the listener in and add a steaminess to the listening experience. 

I absolutely recommend Submission Backstory, I am giving it four and one half out of five paddles.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Review: Painted Doll by M. Christian

Well, I finally made my way back here and this week I'll be giving you my thoughts on Painted Doll: An Erotic Science Fiction Novel by M. Christian

Shaun's rating:

Painted Doll is set in the near future in a dystopian world. The West has fallen apart and Claire has escaped from the Pacific Northwest USA to the East where she makes a life for herself. She meets a girl named Flower shortly after her arrival in the East, they become friends and then lovers. At first they are refugees, struggling to survive, but they begin to build a better life for themselves; until they cross the wrong person, Taka. Their only means of survival is to hide. Flower is sent away and Claire assumes a new persona, that of Domino the Erotosist. As an Erotosist Domino leads her clients on a sexual journey, without ever actually having sex with them. The brain is the most erotic sex organ after all. Taka's minions continue to search for Claire and Flower as they struggle to hide, survive, and perhaps find a way to reunite.

As usual M. Christian draws the reader deeply into the story. The characters are complex and the reader soon comes to feel involved. The settings and descriptions are vivid and well drawn while still inviting the reader to use their own imagination as they are brought into this world.

 The eroticism of Painted Doll is... different. Most of the erotic scenes involve the characters describing, rather than actually having, sex. It's intriguing and, frankly, hot. I loved how this story explored the mind as a source of eroticism rather than just the pussy and cock.

I received a free copy of Painted Doll for review, and honestly the editing and formatting needs some work.  There were quite a few problems with my copy, a few that were serious enough to effect the flow of the story. Hopefully the version that is sold has better editing. I will say that even with the editing problems I still recommend this book.

I'm giving Painted Doll four out of five paddles.