Saturday, December 16, 2017

Audiobook review: Sissy Rachel Earns Her Collar by Sally Bend

I had a chance this week to listen to a wonderful audiobook, Sissy Rachel Earns Her Collar by Sally Bend narrated by Audrey Lusk.

Shaun's rating:

I'm always pleased when I find a BDSM story that takes me outside of the standard cookie cutter plat and arc; this is one of those stories that surprised me and went beyond my expectations. I love the humanity of the characters: I love how Mistress Scarlet is a caring human being, not a cold heartless bitch, and how there is so much more to her than the reader might at first expect. The same can be said for Robert/Rachel as he/she discovers and sets free her true self with Mistress Scarlet's help.

The narration by Audrey Lusk is outstanding, her rich voice adds greatly to the ambiance and to the sexiness of this story. Her voice makes this story a listening experience.

This story is short but it's also very well written; oh, it's also damn hot. I highly recommend for fans of quality femdom, sissy, and BDSM erotica. I'm giving this story five out of five paddles.