Friday, July 12, 2019

Review: Hot Wife Spurned by Reed James

I was looking for a quick and fun read this week and one of my go-to authors for quick reads is Reed James, this time I read his Hot Wife Spurned (Futa Divorce Lawyer 1).

Shaun's rating:

Priscilla is a futa lawyer who has recently started her own practice but is struggling mightily and has yet to have her first client. She does, however, have a hot married paralegal whom she is happily able to use to relieve her stress. On the day we meet Priscilla she happens to be using her paralegal for just such stress relief when her first client walks through the door. Phoebe wants more than just a divorce, she wants to humiliate her husband and Priscilla  is more than willing to help her with that.

This is a very short story that is the first in a series, it is also very well written, sexy, and fun to read. Don't be expecting in depth character development or plotting, but you can expect an easy read that is enjoyable and titillating.

I'm giving Hot Wife Spurned five out of five paddles somewhat conditionally. If you are a Kindle Unlimited customer you can read this story for free, otherwise it carries a $2.99 price tag, and again it's a very quick read, I was through it in about fifteen minutes so take that into consideration.

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