Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Review: Eight Days in Japan as a Girl by Zoe S. Figueroa

I'm a fan of Zoe S. Figueroa's work and I have wanted for ages to read Eight Days in Japan as a girl: A Gender Transformation Travelogue but just never seemed to find the time; until this past week. 

Shaun's rating:

Shahin and his girlfriend Melissa are taking a vacation to Japan. Melissa has a surprise for Shahin shortly after they arrive: Shahin had always fantasized of being a girl. An old college friend of Melissa's works for a company that has developed a drug which, working at the cellular level, can transform a person's gender. Melissa arranges for Shahin to take this drug and experience their vacation as a girl.

This is a really wonderfully told story. I love the detail of Shahin's experience as she experiences so many new things. The gender transformation part of the story is very well done, there are plenty of erotic scenes which are also very well done, and the descriptions of Japan and the sites the two visit are fascinating. Having all this combined into one very well told story is really a treat.

I'm giving Eight Days in Japan as a Girl five out of five paddles, I highly recommend this book.


  1. It was a wonderful story, wasn't it? Romance and erotica for sure, but the travelogue itself was fascinating.

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  3. Thanks so much for enjoying my books! It's so nice to know that the stories I wrote mostly for myself are bringing joy to others.