Saturday, March 19, 2016

Review: Make Him Your Sissy by Mia Fire

Well I missed getting a review in last week but I'm back at it this week with a review of Make Him Your Sissy: 30 Rules For Getting Everything You Want by Mia Fire.

Shaun's rating:

I'm really not sure where to begin with this short book. Interestingly it is listed on Amazon in both fiction and non-fiction categories. I suppose my main problem is it's non-fiction listing; that is ridiculous and obviously just a marketing ploy by the Author.  If we were to take this book seriously and look at it as actually being a guide for making him your sissy then this book would not even deserve the one paddle I am giving it.

The book is simply a list of thirty rules that will supposedly turn a man into a sissy. Rules such as; controlling his orgasms, placing him in chastity, taking financial control from him. Yeah, okay, as fantasy that's fine but in reality if a woman tried this with most any man he'd be out the door and gone in seconds.

First there is no mention in this book of the man's desire or consent to be turned into a sissy. The rules do suggest and promote non-consent, coercion, and blackmail. 

This book is simply a piece of fantasy fluff, and not particularly good fluff at that.  It's silly and ridiculous and not even hot if just looked at as a piece of erotica.

The editing is okay, there are some mistakes but it's readable.

Thankfully I picked up this book from Amazon when it was being offered for free, I certainly would not pay for it. I am giving Make Him Your Sissy one paddle out of five. Your time can be better spent.

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