Friday, April 22, 2016

Review: Female Domination Sessions In My Dungeon by Mistress Benay

Life has been keeping me so busy lately that I haven't had much time to read or write, not to say get a review posted here. I have managed to finish a book, Female Domination Sessions In My Dungeon by Mistress Benay, this week though and so I thought I'd share my thoughts regarding it.

Shaun's rating:

This book contains descriptions of three scenes from Mistress Benay's dungeon. The first scene involves Mistress Benay and her slave as well as a male dominant/female submissive couple, the second scene involves medical play, and the third scene is a kidnapping/abduction scenario.  The themes include impact, medical, and chastity play among other things.

I just wasn't drawn into these stories. This is very much a case of the author telling rather than showing the reader the stories. I found it all rather dry and bland, which seems rather unlikely given the subject material. The author just kind of gives us a play by play of the scenes, but there's no real color commentary offered. The stories almost struck me as being told as if they were a list of what actions were involved in the scenes without giving us a real taste of what was involved in those actions.

The editing was fine, the book is quite readable.

The hotness factor was quite low for me, your experience may vary. I just couldn't get into the stories the way the author told them even though I would generally find the themes quite arousing.

I'm giving this book two out of five paddles. There are better femdom themed books out there.


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