Saturday, September 24, 2016

Audiobook review: Submission Backstory by Shawna Hunter

I listened to a terrific audiobook this week, Submission Backstory: Memoir Of A BDSM Authoress, by Shawna Hunter and narrated by Sierra Kline.

 Shaun's rating:

I think what I most loved about this book was that it actually told an interesting story. When I read erotica I absolutely want it to be sexy and steamy, but I also want a story that I can get involved in, something that pulls me in and keeps me interested in the characters and what is going to happen to them next. This book delivers very well on all of the above. 

This the story of Alyssa, a lifestyle reporter, who travels to New York in pursuit of a hot story. While working to get an interview with someone who is at the center of this story she is chasing; she meets a young man, David, who seems to be tangential to the story but who may actually be able to guide her to an even bigger story. As Alyssa begins pursuing this story she experiences things, hot exciting things, that awaken a new awareness and desire in her.

 Submission Backstory is very well written. The story flows smoothly, the descriptions draw the reader in and keeps their interest. The erotic scenes are hot and intense without being over-done. The characters are interesting and well drawn.

Sierra Kline does a beautiful job narrating this book. Her voice and pace draw the listener in and add a steaminess to the listening experience. 

I absolutely recommend Submission Backstory, I am giving it four and one half out of five paddles.

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