Sunday, September 18, 2016

Review: Painted Doll by M. Christian

Well, I finally made my way back here and this week I'll be giving you my thoughts on Painted Doll: An Erotic Science Fiction Novel by M. Christian

Shaun's rating:

Painted Doll is set in the near future in a dystopian world. The West has fallen apart and Claire has escaped from the Pacific Northwest USA to the East where she makes a life for herself. She meets a girl named Flower shortly after her arrival in the East, they become friends and then lovers. At first they are refugees, struggling to survive, but they begin to build a better life for themselves; until they cross the wrong person, Taka. Their only means of survival is to hide. Flower is sent away and Claire assumes a new persona, that of Domino the Erotosist. As an Erotosist Domino leads her clients on a sexual journey, without ever actually having sex with them. The brain is the most erotic sex organ after all. Taka's minions continue to search for Claire and Flower as they struggle to hide, survive, and perhaps find a way to reunite.

As usual M. Christian draws the reader deeply into the story. The characters are complex and the reader soon comes to feel involved. The settings and descriptions are vivid and well drawn while still inviting the reader to use their own imagination as they are brought into this world.

 The eroticism of Painted Doll is... different. Most of the erotic scenes involve the characters describing, rather than actually having, sex. It's intriguing and, frankly, hot. I loved how this story explored the mind as a source of eroticism rather than just the pussy and cock.

I received a free copy of Painted Doll for review, and honestly the editing and formatting needs some work.  There were quite a few problems with my copy, a few that were serious enough to effect the flow of the story. Hopefully the version that is sold has better editing. I will say that even with the editing problems I still recommend this book.

I'm giving Painted Doll four out of five paddles.

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