Saturday, November 5, 2016

Review: Laci On Top by Donna Jay

I had the good fortune of reading another very well done femdom genre book this week; Laci On Top by Donna Jay.

Shaun's rating:

This is another very good piece of erotica that has an interesting story, is well written, and has a decent hotness factor.

Laci On Top tells the story of Laci and Cole, a couple whose nest has recently become empty and who begin to explore a bit sexually. The exploration is led by Laci who has always had a dominant side but who feels more comfortable exploring it now that their son has moved away to college. 

Their exploration is the story, and it's interesting. There is just enough conflict, mostly internal conflict as Laci and Cole discover new things about themselves and each other, to keep the story flow interesting. I do think that there could have been a bit more exploration into Laci's and Cole's conflict that might have made the story even more compelling. I like to get to know characters deeply and while the surface of Laci's and Cole's emotions were scratched I would have liked to dig a bit deeper. The chemistry between Laci and Cole is delicious, I very much enjoyed their interactions whether they were fooling around sexually or just fooling around generally. I enjoyed that there is a bit of humor included in the writing, nothing made me laugh out loud but I did find myself smiling in a few places.

The erotic scenes are well done. The sex and play between Laci and Cole is well described, it's hot and fun. The play might seem a bit mild for more hardcore femdom fans, but Laci and Cole are just beginning to explore after all. I thought the erotic scenes were quite sexy and was glad that they were not more hardcore, it always bothers me when a book takes characters new to femdom or any form of BDSM and immediately throws them into extreme play.

The editing was well done, there were a couple insignificant issues, but certainly nothing that caused more than the briefest moments pause as I read. 

I'm giving Laci On Top four and one half out of five paddles. Highly recommended for femdom fans and especially for those new to the genre or who prefer action that is not extreme. I might add that this book might be considered more in the female led class than actual femdom.

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