Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trust Undiminished!

Update: Trust Undiminished is now available on Amazon! Coming soon to other retailers.

It's been a long haul but I have finally finished Trust Undiminished. It's going through the finally editing stages now. I am hoping that it will be live on Amazon by next weekend (can't promise that though). Below is the cover and a little tease.


Rising, I brought the breakfast tray to her as she sat up. I placed the tray across her lap and, grabbing the bottle of lotion from my nightstand, took my place at her feet.

"Mistress," I began as I smoothed lotion over her left foot, "there's something I would like to talk about."

"Mmm, what is it my dear?" she asked as she raised a piece of melon to her lips.

"I think I'd like you to cuckold me."

The melon never made it past her lips. She slowly lowered it back to the plate. Her eyes narrowed and her look intensified.

"Why?" she asked.

I nervously cleared my throat, "Well, I feel like I can't meet all your sexual needs. I'd like you to be able to experience better sex. Also the idea, of you being with another man, kind of turns me on."

Lisa set the breakfast tray aside, the topaz flakes in her hazel eyes began to sparkle and dance.

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