Saturday, April 7, 2018

Review: Crawl Wimp by Teddi Lawless

I just finished the book Crawl Wimp by Teddi Lawless and thought I'd share my thoughts.

Shaun's rating:

So, I have to admit that I had serious doubts about this book based on the title and cover. I thought it was going to be another volume of ridiculous femdom fantasy fluff with the standard over-the-top bitchy shrewish dominatrix and the obnoxiously wormy milquetoast slaves. I am happy to report that my preconceived notions were entirely wrong.

While the action in the stories is fairly standard femdom fair; the stories themselves are actual stories with a plot that was interesting and entertaining and the action, while somewhat standard, was quite well written and was definitely hot and sexy.

I definitely enjoyed this book and recommend it to femdom erotica fans. I'm giving Crawl Wimp five out of five paddles.

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