Sunday, June 8, 2014

Writing again!

I'm happy to say that I've begun writing again. I had, over the last few months, done almost no writing. I've had a difficult time getting motivated, and when I would try to sit down and write it was a struggle. The words and story just refused to flow. I had started another book in the Undiminished series, but I just couldn't seem to get anywhere with it.

The story I'm working on now is quite different from the Undiminished stories. This one will be about a sissy. I'm not usually into the 'sissy' thing, or hadn't been before, but this story is just flowing from me.  Perhaps change is afoot.

This all started after the lady, that my Mistress is in service to, told me she wishes to dress me up in a pinafore and Mary Janes. A few nights later I had a very erotic 'sissy' dream which is serving as the basis of the story I'm writing. 

Here's a little taste. I hope you enjoy it. 

A Sissy Story
by Shaun Putaine

"There's our girl. Come here and sit on Uncle Cliff's lap, sweetie." Cliff was seated at the kitchen table, a plate with two cookies and a steaming cup of coffee in front of him.

I glanced at Lois, receiving a stern look from her green eyes, and made my way across the kitchen to 'Uncle' Cliff.

Even sitting down, Cliff looked huge. He stood eight inches taller than my five feet seven inches, and must have weighed at least eighty pounds more than my one hundred sixty. His huge hand reached out toward me, the muscles of his arm bulging and stretching the sleeve of his T-shirt. He was ruggedly handsome with steel blue eyes, and a nose slightly crooked from being broken during a collegiate wrestling match and set by himself in the locker room. His close cropped brown hair was thinning a bit on top. His lips were curved up in a lascivious smile at the moment.

"Yes, Uncle Cliff," I said, settling onto his lap. I could feel his hard cock pressing through his jeans, and my panties, against my bottom.

"I see you found dolly," Lois said, setting a plate of cookies and glass of milk in front of me. "She's missed you."

"Yes, Auntie Lois," I replied, squirming as Cliff's hand began to slide along my smooth thigh and up under my skirt. Uncomfortably, I dipped a cookie into the milk and took a bite.

"I have to go do some grocery shopping this afternoon, SallyAnn. You're going to stay here with Uncle Cliff."

"But Auntie, Uncle Cliff will want to do naughties..." I began.

Lois cut me off. "Well you just need to keep your skirt down, young lady! Cliff is a man, and men will be boys. It's up to you to be a good girl, and not a Sallyslut!"

"But Auntie..."

"Fine! You can come with me. I'm sure everyone in the grocery store will enjoy seeing such a pretty little girl prancing around in her pink pinafore." Lois glared at me.

My face grew hot as I blushed. "No Auntie Lois. I'm sorry. I'll stay with Uncle Cliff."

"Yes, I thought you would. We will discuss your attitude when I get back, young lady."

Lois picked her car keys up from the counter, gave me a kiss on the forehead and Cliff a kiss on the lips, before going through the door into the garage. A moment later I heard the garage door rattle up, the sound of her car backing out, and the door lowering.

Cliff smiled as he slipped his hand further up my thigh.

 Cliff's left hand began to rub the ruffled front of my petti-panties. With his right hand he began to pinch and role my nipple through the silky material of the pinafore. Unable to help myself, I moaned, and my dick began to stiffen.
"You can't help being a slut, can you sissy?" he whispered and then nibbled on my earlobe. "You want cock, don't you? You need a real man's cock inside you to make you feel more like a girl."  

The full story will be available soon...

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