Saturday, October 15, 2016

Review: Her Domain (Extended Version) by Goddess Victoria Black

Happy weekend everyone. It seems like lately I've been reading mostly books that deal with some form of gender bending, lesbian bdsm or male Dom/female sub erotica. This week I felt like getting back to the Femdom/male sub genre, so I picked up a copy of Her Domain (Extended Version) by Goddess Victoria Black.

Shaun's rating:

This is a collection of short stories, all are femdom and there are very strong themes of puppy play and boot fetish throughout. I'm trying to remain objective with this review, but I will admit that puppy play is not something that interests me particularly and I found it to be a bit tedious and repetitive for my tastes. If puppy play appeals to you; you may find this book more appealing than I. Now, I kind of like boots; I wouldn't say it is a fetish of mine, but still a bit of boot worship is titillating to me. However, the boot fetish I felt was overdone in this book as well. Frankly, I just got bored of it.

 Some of the stories were pretty good. Many of the stories I thought had great potential. I found myself beginning to get drawn into certain stories. I hoped the author was going to take me someplace new and exciting and wonderful. I wanted to go there, really I did, but each time I thought we were headed there- I was disappointed. There were some interesting twists to some of the stories, but they were just never really fleshed out. The very first story was a good example of this, and was perhaps my favorite story of the book. As I began reading I was thinking  'Gawd, it's just another formulaic cruel bitch Domme story', but it ended with a wonderful twist that gave me great hope for the rest of the book. Unfortunately my hopes were never realized.

After the first story the rest of of the book continued to be rather formulaic, cookie cutter, femdom fantasy fluff. It's the kind of stuff you can easily find for free on any number of story sites online. There just was nothing there that made me feel like I had spent my money wisely in purchasing this book. There wasn't a great deal of character or scene development, and I was not drawn into any of the stories.

Just a note, this book is supposed to contain a number of photos of Goddess Black and scenes from her dungeon or sessions. None of the images were present in my Kindle copy (I read the book on the Kindle App on my Ipad, not sure if that had anything to do with the images not showing up or not). I'm not taking that into account in my review, I purchased the book for the stories not the images, but I want to make potential purchasers aware of this issue.

The copy editing of this book left a great deal to be desired.  There were many misused words, spelling and grammar errors, and continuity problems. I found it impossible to get into a flow reading, I was constantly being tripped up by editing problems.

I'm giving Her Domain two out of five paddles, I can't recommend this book.

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