Friday, January 13, 2017

Review: The Nail Ring by Zoe S. Figueroa

The subject of this week's review is The Nail Ring: A Gender Transformation, Sexuality Swapping Novella by Zoe S. Figueroa.

Shaun's rating:

 The Nail Ring tells the story of Nick and a ring he finds at a swap meet. The ring is free to take, but it costs twenty dollars to take it off. Nick tries it on and is incensed when he can't remove it. He refuses to pay the twenty dollars to remove it, sure that it's just a trick and he can figure it out himself. In fact the ring has magical powers and Nick is not able to remove it, the powers go beyond just not being able to remove the ring however. When Nick is wearing the ring and touches another person he is transformed into the object of that person's sexual desire.

This is a really fast paced story with lots of action, and lots of variety. Nick is turned into both males and females, he experiences gay, lesbian, and hetero sex; there's even a bit of pegging involved (I leave it to the reader to discover if Nick is the pegger or pegee). The erotic scenes were quite hot and I really enjoyed the variety.

There is not an over abundance of character development or scene setting in this novella, however there is just enough for it to work and to help the reader see and be drawn into the story.

The editing was pretty good, a few mistakes slipped by but they didn't interrupt my flow as I read.

I really enjoyed this story, it was fun and sexy. I highly recommend to fans of gender swapping/transformation especially those who might enjoy fluid sexuality. I'm giving The Nail Ring four and one half out of five paddles.


  1. It was a fun read, wasn't it? You should check out Zoe's
    Eight Days in Japan as a Girl - that's my fave.

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  3. Thanks so much for the kind words, both of you! It's nice to know people are enjoying my stories.