Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The audio edition of Trust Undiminished!

The audiobook edition of Trust Undiminished is now available on Amazon and Audible!

Tom and Lisa have always had a special bond and a special love for one another. Since they met Tom has felt a desire to submit to Lisa, his love and devotion to her have only grown over time. Lisa has embraced Tom's submission and grown to love and respect him more as her own dominant nature has flourished. 

Now as their second anniversary as husband and wife, as well as mistress and slave, is celebrated they begin to delve more deeply into dominance and submission. They begin to explore the world of cuckoldry. 

Lisa is a bit worried at the pitfalls that may be encountered as they undertake this journey, but she is also thrilled as new possibilities and wonderful experiences are opening up for her. Tom is finding that while a part of him is thrilled another part is struggling to deal with the conflicting emotions that are far more powerful than he imagined they would be. Tom and Lisa are learning just how important trust is in a marriage, especially when that marriage involves cuckoldry.  

on December 7, 2016
This is the second volume of Shaun Putaine's Undiminished series. It opens with Tom and Lisa, the BDSM couple we met in Passion Undiminished, celebrating their wedding. In a nice touch, it's Tom who promises to obey as they exchange their vows. Now that they're married, Tom's thoughts soon turn to cuckolding. He realizes he can't satisfy Lisa sexually, so he encourages her to find alternative lovers. Lisa is a highly alluring woman, so it's not long before she snags herself a couple of hot studs.

This is a more straightforwardly erotic story than the others in the series. There isn't the emotional intensity that made Love Undiminished so disturbing. In this story, Shaun Putaine is more interested in turning the reader on than in exploring the complex feelings that attach to a BDSM relationship. It's none the worse for that, though. It's an enjoyable, arousing tale and the author has an uncanny knack for finding the perverse little details that ramp up the sexual excitement. A very good piece of erotic writing.

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