Sunday, April 16, 2017

Audiobook review- Tinder Surprise: Pegging and Begging by Sakinaa Davies

I do enjoy audiobooks and this week I had the pleasure of listening to Tinder Surprise: Pegging and Begging written by Sakinaa Davies and narrated by Sierra Kline.

Shaun's rating:

Ethan is a college student/athlete who meets Alexis through Tinder while he's hanging out with some friends in a bar. Alexis invites Ethan back to her hotel room for an adventurous evening, but an evening on her terms. They jump right into some some pretty intense bdsm play, perhaps not very realistic but it's damn sure hot. 

The reader is tossed right into the action from the first line of the book. After a few chapters of hot sexiness we learn a bit of the back story and find out how Ethan found himself under Alexis' thrall.

Tinder Surprise was a nice surprise for me. While this is a fairly straight forward piece of erotica, there is a story but it is primarily hot femdom smut (smut in the best way), it's well written erotica that will definitely rev your engine; especially if you're into such things as male chastity, pegging, and tease and denial. Don't expect great depth of characters or plot (though perhaps that will build as the story continues in future volumes) but do expect hot raw femdom bdsm action.

Sierra Kline's narration is fantastic, her voice and inflection convey the raw sexuality of this story.

I highly recommend Tinder Surprise to those femdom fans who are looking for a sizzling spank-bank book. I'm giving Tinder Surprise four and one half out of five paddles.

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  1. Great review, hon - one of the better femdom stories I have read in quite some time, and probably one of the best pegging stories I have ever come across. Plus, I think Sierra Kline may be my new favorite narrator. :)