Sunday, April 30, 2017

Review: The Nightclub by James St. Clair

It's warming up here in Southern California and this week I read a book that made things even warmer, The Nightclub: An Accelerated Hotwife Tale by James St. Clair.

Shaun's rating:

Jason and Becky are a young happily married couple. Jason has fantasies of seeing Becky with another guy and she has played along in a purely fantasy way but for Jason's birthday she might be willing to take things beyond the fantasy. They go out to a nightclub, Becky dresses a bit slutty at Jason's request and there they meet Matt the hung alpha type guy.

So... yes it's a pretty formulaic story, the plot is not very original but sometimes the standard fare is such for a reason; because it works. There is nothing particularly original in this story but it's pretty well written and the erotic scenes are hot. This is a definite spank-bank type of book for those who enjoy cuckold/hotwife erotica.  I did think that the character development was especially well done for this type of erotic work, I felt like I came to know all three characters and I liked them.

The erotic scenes are quite well done, very good descriptions that bring the reader into the room with the action. If cuckold/hotwife is your thing this book should definitely tickle your fancy.

Editing was pretty good in this story; there was one little quirk that kind of bothered me, the use of then when it should it have been than, but it wasn't a huge deal. The book is written in the present tense which I found kind of annoying at times, but again not a big deal.

I'm giving The Nightclub four out of five paddles, I recommend it to hotwife/cuckold fans.

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