Sunday, April 2, 2017

Review: Their Meddling Aunt: Sequel to Their Wild Little Girl by Shawna Hunter

I've been swamped lately but I had time this week to read Their Meddling Aunt: Sequel to Their Wild Little Girl by Shawna Hunter and so here are my thoughts on this book.

Shaun's rating:

Their Meddling Aunt is a sequel to Their Wild Little Girl which I have not read yet, but I thought it worked fine as a stand alone piece.

Marcus, Jessica, and Elisabeth (Lizzy) have a happy little menage going on with a bit of bdsm play to keep things spicy. Lizzy had survived for years in the jungle of South America after a plane crash which claimed the life of her parents. Marcus had rescued her and Jessica was involved in her reintroduction to the civilized world. All of that is, I'm sure, the story of Their Wild Little Girl, but it's explained well enough in Their Meddling Aunt that the reader has a pretty good idea of what's going on even without having read the first book. 

Jessica is a bit devious, she likes head games, and she has come up with a plot to help Marcus come more to terms with his role as a dominant. This plot involves Lizzy's aunt, Lydia, who has her own plot working; she wants to test Marcus and be sure that he is worthy of being Lizzy and Jessica's dominant. 

It's an interesting plot, but to be honest I did not think it was as well developed as some of the Author's other works which I have read. The story seemed to drag a bit for me during the first 25% or so of the book, but after that it got more interesting.

There was a lot of erotic content in this book, most of which was quite titillating as I would expect having read a couple of Ms Hunter's books in the past, she is quite good at describing steamy scenes. As I mentioned there's a good bit of bdsm thrown in to spice things up; most of it is rather mild, including spanking and pony play.

My main critique of this book is with the editing; it badly needed a final edit. There were a lot of misused words, and Marcus was referred to as Shawn in at least a couple of places. This drew from the story flow multiple times and really took away from my enjoyment of the book.

I'm giving Their Meddling Aunt three and one half out of five paddles.


  1. Ouch. I tend to overlook typos and grammatical errors if the story is strong enough to suck me in, but getting names wrong . . . that can be jarring.

    1. Agreed. I think as an author I tend to catch a lot of things that slipped through the editing process that most readers would not even notice, I also understand that it's nearly impossible to catch all mistakes with the editing process so I try to be forgiving. However, when the mistakes are numerous or jarring enough to seriously interrupt the story flow I can't really overlook that in my reviews. This was still a good book and worth a read.