Saturday, December 26, 2015

Review: Alexis Volume 1, Her Feminine Cocoon by Roxana

This week I'm going to be reviewing Alexis Volume 1 (Her Feminine Cocoon) by Roxana.  This is a case in point proving that you should not judge a book by its cover. 

Shaun's rating:

I happened across this book when it was being offered free, I am so glad I did. When I saw the cover I thought it was almost certainly just another piece of erotic fluff, and there's no way I would have paid the usual price of $3.99 for an eighty seven page piece of fluff. What I found out within just a few pages is that it is worth every penny of the asking price.

This is the story of a young transgender girl (Alex/Alexis) coming of age and beginning her transformation.  The author does a wonderful job, in my opinion, of capturing the challenges, emotions, heartaches, and triumphs that occur in her transformation. I was able to relate so closely with Alexis, I truly felt immersed in the story.

Roxana does a wonderful job of developing the characters and story; I'm amazed at the depth she developed in just eighty seven pages. 

Okay, I know you're wondering about the action; so it's a nice story of a transgender girl's transformation, but what about the sex? Well, it's sizzling. The author manages to write several very hot sex scenes into this wonderful story. The story contains Het sex, girl on girl, multiple partners, pegging and more. All of the scenes are steaming and sure to bring a tingle to your nether regions.

The book was well edited with very few mistakes, you won't be stumbling through awkward mistakes or getting thrown from this story.

 I definitely recommend this book, and I'm hoping that Roxana will continue the Alexis series.  I'm giving it four and one half out of five paddles, I truly hope you will grab a copy and that you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

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