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Review: The Futa's Naughty Pet by B. J. Sackrider

I've decided to try something new here at Putaine Musings; I'm going to begin reviewing erotica. If you are an author and would like me to review one of your stories or books, please send me an email and we can chat about it.

I love good erotica, but it seems to be hard to find. I can't tell you how disappointed I have been at times with erotica I have purchased, some that even had positive reviews on the retailer's site, only to find that it was entirely unreadable. Sometimes it is just a bad (or no) plot. More often it is so poorly edited, so filled with spelling and grammatical errors, that I find myself sucked out of the story every few sentences. This drives me crazy.  I don't expect perfection; after all even professionally edited and published works have mistakes, but I do expect a book or story that I purchase to at least be readable.

What I hope to do here is to give honest reviews of erotica I have read. This is mostly going to be erotica with themes that I find of particular interest, Femdom, BDSM, gender bending, etc. But I may review more mainstream works on occasion as well.

Let me be clear that I am definitely not a professional reviewer. I am an avid erotica reader, and I enjoy writing erotica myself. All I am going to do here is read a piece and give you my honest opinion regarding it. 

I hope that my opinions can help readers find erotica that is at least well enough written and edited to be readable. Of course I'll give my opinion regarding the story, or lack thereof, and the hotness factor as well; after all we read erotica to be titillated.

For this first review I will be taking a look at The Futa's Naughty Pet by B. J. Sackrider.

 Shaun's rating: 2 1/2 out of 5 paddles 

Firstly, let me just say that the author's name is awesome; bonus points for that B. J.

Second, perhaps you are wondering (especially if you are a bit older like me), just what in hell is a Futa? I'm glad you asked; according to the Urban Dictionary 'Futa' is short for Futanari  which is:

"A genre or character in art or literature that features a female that has all feminine attributes except that she has a penis. This can include her having a vagina, testicles, etc. so long as she has a penis. A futanari girl is not to be confused with a trap or cross-dresser as they are a female."

Well now, that certainly sounds interesting to a gender bending person such as Shaun.

The Futa's Naughty Pet is a very short story, surprisingly short in fact, but the good news is that there are two  bonus stories included in the Kindle edition that I downloaded.

It is really difficult to develop characters in such a short story, and the characters in The Futa's Naughty Pet are not very well developed. The author does a better job of developing characters in the bonus stories in my opinion. Your mileage may vary, but the characters in the main story remained strangers to me throughout.

 I also didn't feel drawn into the action, or the scenes in The Futa's Naughty Pet, again the author did a much better job with the bonus stories in my opinion.

What about the action in the bonus stories?  Yeah, the action  was good.  It was hot and titillating. The author does an excellent job of describing the action so that I felt I could see it.

The editing was a problem though. Just as I would get drawn into a hot action scene there would be some glaring (to me) editing problem that would throw me right out of the story. It was small things for the most part, "quiet" instead of "quite",  "he" instead of "she", or in at least one case in one of the bonus stories the wrong character performing an action. There were also instances where, it seemed to me, the wrong character was associated with dialogue. If these kind of things don't bother you then by all means get a copy of this book and give it a read, but unfortunately they drive me crazy.

One other very minor point, the book did not contain a linked table of contents. Now normally this would not be a problem at all, especially in the case of short erotic stories such as this. In this particular case though, since there are actually three stories in this book, I would really appreciate a table of contents that would deliver me to the beginning of each story,

I'm going to use a five paddle rating system for the books I review here, and I am giving The Futa's Naughty Pet two and one half out of five paddles. If you can read through the editing problems without being thrown out of the story; by all means grab a copy and give it a read. The bonus stories especially have a good hotness factor, with great graphic action. I highly recommend that you be sure your copy includes the bonus stories, as my Kindle copy did, in my opinion the bonus stories are much better reading than the main story. 

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