Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reviews: Office Cuckold and Husband Training.

This week is going to be a bit different in that I have a bit of extra time with the holidays and so I'm going to do a bonus mid-week review in addition to my usual weekend review. Also, I'm going to be reviewing two stories in one post. 

The first story is Office Cuckold: Extreme Cuckold Erotica by Claudia Daye.

 Shaun's Rating:

I'm a big fan of cuckolding stories; but this one just didn't do much for me, other than cause me to roll my eyes.  It's very short; there's really no story line here, it's just a cuckolding scene set in an office. As far as the scene goes it's okay; sort of. There are some elements to it that I found hot, but the overall premise is so ridiculous that I just couldn't get into it. It's well edited and easy to read, but just flat in my opinion. My recommendation; pass. I'm giving it one and one half paddles.

 Next up is Husband Training (Femdom Erotica) by Mina Black.

 Shaun's Rating:

This one is actually more than a short story, about seventy six pages according to Amazon, but  I'm going to include it here because I really don't have much to say about it. It's actually a pretty decent story, I like the plot, but the editing/proof reading is absolutely atrocious. It was a struggle to finish this book, there are so many mistakes, misused words, etc. that I could not possibly get into the story. I definitely recommend passing on this one and I'm giving it a generous half paddle.

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