Saturday, January 30, 2016

Review: The Blue Rose Court- Part 2: The Recruitment by A.D. Wund

This week I'll be giving you my thoughts on The Blue Rose Court Part 2 by A.D. Wund. You can see my review of The Blue Rose Court Part 1 here.

Shaun's rating:

This continues the story, from The Blue Rose Court Part 1, of the four ladies of Blue Rose Court and their journey into female domination. 

It is not a stand alone book, you will be lost if you haven't read Part 1.  In a way I was glad that it took right off from where Part 1 ended, as I didn't want to have to go through all the detail of being introduced to the characters again; after all, that had taken up nearly half of the first book.  At least the descriptions of the cars the characters drove were less elaborate in this piece than in Part 1; I was grateful for that.  However, it would have been nice if the Author had, in a very condensed way, re-introduced the characters and story so that it would be a stand alone piece. That is just my personal preference though and I respect the authors choice to just continue from where Part 1 left off.

The story is really pretty good, there are all the elements a good story needs, however the Author's style just exhausts me. It is so wordy and repetitive that I found it very hard to read. The Author uses full titles for characters throughout the book; for example hot-wife Emily, or guy-sub Andrew. This is totally unnecessary, we've already been introduced to these characters, I know Andrew is a male and that he is in a submissive role; I don't need to see that every-time he is referred to in order to remember.  

Some may find the erotic scenes in this book hot; if they were described with about half the number of words the Author used I would have found them hot, but the Author's overly wordy style might as well have thrown a bucket of ice-water on me.

There are some editing problems in this book, just as there were in Part 1. They were not common, but could be very confusing to the story when they cropped up.  The Author used paragraphs in such a way, especially when one character was interrupting another, that it could be very confusing as to which character was speaking.

I'm giving The Blue Rose Court-Part 2 two and one half paddles.  I was disappointed though I guess I shouldn't have been as really the problems with this story are just a continuation of those from Part 1.  I had given Part 1 a higher rating, but to be honest these problems just wear on a reader over time, or at least they did me, until I was just happy that I was able to finally finish the story and move on to something else. Don't be looking for a review of Part 3 of the series anytime soon, if ever. I just couldn't face another of these books for a good long while.

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