Saturday, January 16, 2016

Review: The Lady's Gift by Raquel Rivers

I had the pleasure of reading The Lady's Gift (The Lady's Will book 2) by Raquel Rivers this past week and will be reviewing it in this post.

 Shaun's Rating:

 The Lady's Gift tells the story of Adelle, formerly a librarian from Baltimore, who has inherited a Ladyship, house, and servants from her aunt. It just so happens that the servants she has inherited are submissive men. Adelle also has inherited a place among her aunt's friends and in their femdom lifestyle.  We watch Adelle as she grows into her role,  her relationship with these other women,  and her relationship with her servants; most importantly her relationship with Bryce, the gardener, for whom she has a strong romantic pull.

 I liked this book quite a lot. The author manages to tell a captivating story in a way that flows very nicely and keeps the reader engaged. It is not exactly loaded with erotic scenes, but there are enough to give it a definite hotness factor, and the authors descriptions of the bdsm scenes are very well done. 

There were some editing glitches in this book, enough that I was pulled out of the moment a few times, but overall they are not a huge problem. I would certainly have given this book another half paddle had it been better edited though.

I'm giving The Lady's Gift four paddles, I recommend it for those interested in femdom erotica especially if you are just dipping your toes into the femdom waters as this book is not overly graphic or extreme.


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