Saturday, January 23, 2016

Review: Two stories by Jessie Ash

I'm going to give you my thoughts on two gender transformation books by the same author, Jessie Ash, this week.

The first is:

The Devil Touched Me

Shaun's rating:

 I was very pleasantly surprised by this short story. I was quite tentative when I picked it from Amazon, the only review of it was a single star complaining about poor writing and bad editing.  It happened that the book was free, so dubious or not, I decided to add it to my kindle and give it a read. 

First, I found the editing and story to be just fine. It is quite readable, and I thought the story was very original and even a bit clever. 

I would not recommend this book if you are only interested in hot erotica. It is skimpy on that, with only a few rather condensed erotic scenes. Those scenes are okay, but not great.

What really sold me on this book was the story. It tells the story of a mob boss who has just ratted out his cronies in court after making a deal with the prosecutor. He is freed and arrives at his bank where he plans to get his passport and some other items from his safe deposit box before vacating the country. There is a wrench thrown into his plans when it turns out that the banker assisting him is the devil in disguise. The devil offers him a deal, which I know isn't very original, but the deal and the outcome are. 

I liked this story enough to give it four paddles; but again be aware I am recommending it for the quality of the story, not the erotic hotness.

The second book is:

Dark Brew

Shaun's rating:

This is another clever story, with a dose of humor thrown in.  I enjoy the authors style very much, the story is fast paced and flows smoothly. 

In this book the protagonist, Zach, takes what he thinks is a love potion that is meant for the girl his roommate has a crush on, but whom Zach has secretly been having a tryst with.  It turns out that the potion feminizes Zach when he is in the presence of certain men, and Zach finds that there is something about this he likes. There are several twists and turns as the story unfolds; I'm going to leave it for readers to discover these for themselves, but I will say that my interest never waned throughout this story.

The erotic scenes in this book are short, and not outstanding, but they are decent.  I'd say for hotness factor, this book is middle of the road; it titillated, but did not leave me hot and bothered by any means.

There were a few editing problems in this book, but not so many I was pulled from the story.  The book is formatted a bit strangely, I thought, with very short chapters. I am not sure if I liked this formatting or not to be honest, I kind of think the story might flow even better if it was not broken into so many chapters, but it's not a big deal.

I'm giving Dark Brew four out of five paddles, again not so much for the erotic scenes as for the story itself.

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