Saturday, October 29, 2016

Review: My Husband's Adventures by Alex Hathaway

Alrighty dear readers, I buckled down and read another book today just so I could post a review here this weekend for you: Wow, am I glad I did. Allow me to give you my thoughts on My Husband's Adventures: Confessions From The Wife Of A Cuckold Bull by Alex Hathaway.

 Shaun's rating:

Let me just put this out there right now: This book is scorching hot! If you are into cuckold/hotwife erotica this is a definite spank bank book. It also delves into the cuckqueen side of things which added another layer of steaming hotness. There is also a good deal of erotic humiliation in the stories, which while not for everyone, I thought was very well done.

My Husband's Adventures is the story of Corrie and her husband Jackson. Corrie and Jackson have been married for several years when Corrie catches Jackson having sex with one of her acquaintances/friend while the husband watches. This rocks Corrie's world and her marriage, even though Jackson had told her from the beginning that he would not promise monogamy to her. The story then takes the reader along as Corrie and Jackson try to make their way through this world of cuckolding and cuckqueening and find their place as individuals and as a couple.

The character development in this book is outstanding for an erotic piece. I felt like I came to know the characters very quickly and more than just knowing, I cared about them. The author shows the reader the scenes in a way that allows you to see it without being overdone. There is a engaging plot that draws the reader in, keeps interest, and flows smoothly throughout the book. As I said above, the erotic scenes are blisteringly hot.

The only reason this book did not earn five paddles is that it did have a few copy editing problems. There was nothing that really drew me out of the stories, but I was paused momentarily at least a couple of times when an incorrect name was used or at some other minor editing hiccup. 

I'm giving My Husband's Adventures four and one half out of five paddles. If you are into erotica with themes of cuckold/hotwife, cuckqueen, and erotic humiliation (especially small penis humiliation) this is one you will definitely want to read. 


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